Wolverine #21
Publication date: sometime very close to the time when New Kids on the Block trapper keepers were popular
Artist & writer & etc: John Byrne or something
Heroes: Wolverine, La Bandera, the fiesty hispanic girl heroine from the el barrio, the X-Men (in cameo), Rough House and sexy looking mutant nun Villains: Adolf Hitler, a living pile of cocaine, the deviants, and a brutal South American dictactor. Also, that sexy looking mutant nun (not until the last page though)

Okay, this starts in media res, because Wolverine has already had to be all samurai to save Rough House, because he is a honorable opponent, and anyway Wolverine wants to know what is up with mutant cocaine. And he has also fought B-List Supervillian Tiger Shark multiple times, and met Bandera. He escaped in a helicopter, that I think blew up or something, but before he was he was shot with cocaine darts. So he is being carried across a jungle going crazy, and has to go fight nazis in flashback/dream sequences. The nun is using her mutant/holy healing power to calm his mind, while Rough House carries him bodily. It turns out the cocaine is actually the result of a Deviant experiment called spore, that was melted by the Celestials, and then turned into cocaine, and now it wants to take over Wolverine because his healing factor will allow it to possess him. But then the nun gives Wolverine a speech and maybe kisses him, and then he all like turns into multiple little Wolverines and attacks the living pile of cocaine thing, and everything is okay until on the past page we see that the nun has left them back to her husband, the corrupt drug-dealing Manuel Noriega figure of the narrative. I want to know what happens next!

PS-in case this part was unclear, when Wolverine turned into the Wolverines that attacked the cocaine pile, it was in his mind, not real. It just symbolized him controlling the beast within. Also, the nazi part was because the guy working for the dictator was a nazi cyborg.

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