Little Dee is a daily comic strip by Chris Baldwin. It has the look and feel of a syndicated newspaper strip, though it is currently only available online, at and at Modern Tales. The story focuses on a young girl in a family made of talking animals, featuring a combination of whimsy and offbeat humor.

The four main characters are Dee, Ted, Vachel, and Blake. Ted is a wise, calm, parental-type bear. Blake is a dumb-as-rocks, naive, well-intentioned dog. Vachel is a sarcastic, cynical vulture prone to harebrained schemes. And Dee is a young girl who was lost in the woods and now lives with these animals in a cave. The animals all talk, but Dee does not.

The strip has had many short-to-medium story arcs, none lasting more than a few weeks. The stories often have a streak of bizarre humor that sets the strip apart, in my mind, from the sort of thing you see in the newspaper. (Examples of this include bunnies costuming as undead flamingos, a rap battle about library books, and Vachel in a pirate costume riding a sheep while singing sea shanties about wool.) Besides the odd humor, though, the strip's characterization and art just shine. The animals are perfect foils for each other, and Dee ads just the right touch of cuteness without creating a sugar overload.

Little Dee makes me feel happy every time I read it. It's by turns cute, weird, silly, and thought-provoking, and I hope it makes it into the newspapers of the world someday.

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