nothing is as perfect as you can imagine it
just ghosts out of leftover gift wrap
with the storybook quality of small-town life

they say you have to trade your youth for something
but those who remember the past are paralyzed by it
living down to expectations 
with no good reason to do anything

this advice has a kind of Cinderella deadline to it, I know
by the time you’re 40, your worst enemy is you
and there is no cure for knowledge

just a state of denial, soul torn to pieces
by memories and feelings that cannot be banished
what more compelling topic of conversation is there?

he had never had the chance
to realize how beautiful 
she could have been
in every way

now he would never know

instead this emotion filled him
blocking out the sun, too strong to ignore
it had to be identified and resolved
yes, that would be the logical, sensible thing

tell someone.  lay it all out.  yes.

dead might be better
let the play begin

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