Ah yes, THE IRON NODER CHALLENGE. Truly one of the things to do, if you are hard-core. Such a simple task:

  • Write 30 nodes in 30 days.
and yet, only those with a steely will are successful. Can you find the brass in your soul and remain adamant in the face of such a challenge? Can you truly become an IRON NODER?

Fear not, sweet noder, for your hard work shall not go unrewarded. The god of noding shall smile upon you! Indeed, for every aspirant who attains the level of IRON NODER, they shall receive a reward of exactly 2000 GP! In addition, for every five writeups submitted, a reward of no less than 200 GP will be dispensed!

As with last year, we have a cadre of IRON READERS who have sworn on their delicious noder hearts to read and vote on every single node submitted to the quest. The illustrious eien_meru, the viewtiful jessicaj, the softspoken RedOmega, the noble locke baron, the notorious mauler, the cultured wertperch (who has also promised to C! one IRON NODER a day) and yours truly (and more?) will be doing their best to leave no node unread! Rumors of extra-special treasures are circulating, especially for those who write the most spectacular submissions.

Let this be the call to arms, sweet noders! Take up your pens/pencils/quills/keyboards/crayons and try not to let the travails of RSI and bad lighting drag you under like so much autumn foliage drifting on a forest river.

The Rules

shamelessly cribbed from the previous year
  • The Iron Noder Challenge begins at 00:00 (server time) on November 1, 2009, and ends at 00:00 (server time) on December 1, 2009. Writeups submitted outside that timeframe will not be considered part of the quest.
  • You must submit 30 new writeups in 30 days. The IRON NODER IDEAL is 1 per day, but we must be flexible about that to allow for normal life circumstances, days away, illness, etc. Flooding New Writeups with 30 writeups in 1 day, while legal, would be frowned upon, and the E2 userbase would probably not react well.
  • Any topic, any form, anything goes.
  • There is no minimum or maximum length for writeups. They must simply survive. Nuked nodes will not count towards your total. For this reason, final rewards will not be dispensed until a couple of days after the 30 November deadline, to allow last-minute writeups to be voted on and pass muster with the editors.
  • You may write a maximum of 5 daylogs.
  • You may prepare material in advance. However if this stops you noding for, say, the entire month of October, this would also go against the IRON NODER IDEAL.
  • Yes, you can also do NaNoWriMo. Yes, this makes you completely insane. No, you can't have any more goodies for completing both.

If you would like to join, let me know via the usual channels, and I'll add you to the roster. There is nothing wrong with joining late; just don't forget to let me know!

We'll be utilizing the ironnoders usergroup for any major communications; if you're in the group now and are not on my confirmed IRON NODER list as of November 1st, you'll automatically be dropped from the group. If you'd like to see more accurate updates than I have posted here, check out iron noder progress. (It even shows which ones you've voted on!)

The results are in!


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