"Oh win!" I squealed
Most everyone
Within earshot
Turned 'round to look.
Carefully I lifted
A sheet of paper from
In front of me,
And studied it
With the eye
Of an engineer,
Holding my breath
As if in fear
Of sending the thing
To places not so near.

What was this strange phenomenon
That as if mesmerised I watched?
A rounded moving speck,
A fraction of a mil,
Moved on nanofibers
With unimagined skill.
Covering my face
I couldn't take my eyes
From this tiny thing of grace.

Blood it could've been
For hardly could it be seen.
I felt like Randall
Watching IRL
A stuck red pixel.
Not once'd it stumble
Trekking 'cross my page.

Last night I'd done the same
I prob'ly look insane
A lot lately I'll freeze
As appears one of these
Where from they come
I do not know
But suddenly they're there
From where I eat
To my bed sheet
Or even on the street
From a clothes line
To where the sun
Will never shine
They follow me 'vrywhere
So now I must beware
Not to harm
My microscopic friends

Amazing surely 'tis
The delicate design
Gone in to one of these
Random they've been called
But I'm forced to disagree
These wonderful red spiders
Were given just to me

If survival of the fittest
Applied to these critters
Extinct by now they'd be
I am convinced
These lovable flecks
That are here one instant
And then they're not
Are tiny reminders
Of what really matters
To their Creator
Making me appreciate
More this world we live in

Maybe you've seen some?
Maybe you are one?
Then this is for you

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