i named it elizabeth because i’m lonely i told her that she could live under my shift key, caps lock key, tab key, number keys, and all other punctuation keys, except for the comma, and the apostrophe keys if she goes under any other keys she will be squished

i thought i had made a great friend, but really she isn’t talkative at all i talk to her through the cracks between the keys she looks like she is listening but she never responds to me

because of her i am losing the aim friends that i had everyday

Soul Soup (10:53:01 PM): hey buddy how are you
VasH 310 (10:53:09 PM): I'm pretty good. How's your day been?
Soul Soup (10:53:23 PM): well it's been pretty good except that i haven't done anything today that was fun or worth while
VasH 310 (10:53:40 PM): Okay. Why are you talking all teenage-girl-like? What happened to your capitalization and punctuation, my friend?
Soul Soup (10:53:48 PM): i met a girl
VasH 310 (10:54:32 PM): You’re changing for a girl? She isn’t a teenage one, is she!?
Soul Soup (10:55:02 PM): no she’s a spider that lives in my keyboard i don’t want to kill her
VasH 310 (10:55:31 PM): You are so fucked up, man. Go get some HELP. Seriously.
VasH 310 signed off at 10:55:37 PM.

i thought having a spider as a friend would cheer me up and make me happy, but i was wrong keeping her is a hassle and i feel bad about her being trapped under my keys there is no way for her to get out, and i don’t want to open up the keyboard to get her out because i would need to buy a new keyboard then

i have to do this

1234567890-=[ ] \;’,./

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