she woke to a room filled with their smell. an empty apartment.empty save the half-filled containers of cold chinese from the local take out place. she could still feel his breath on her neck, feel all of him next to her. she turned in the bed, half-expecting to see him there, half-knowing that he wouldn't be there. she decides to push on. throws her feet over the side of the bed and touches her bare toes to the floor. cold rushes through her legs as she stands to put a silk robe around her bare shoulders. there is no rug yet, she just moved in two days ago. all she has is the small amount of furniture, consisting of her bed, their bed, the two chairs, the small table, the desk where the computers sit. his laptop is missing. this is how she knows for a fact that he is out. she sits before her laptop, opening the screen, triggering the automatic power switch. she rises while the computer runs through it's start up. she makes tea, green in a purple mug. the kitchen is quiet, the rest of the apartment silently breathing. something about this day, something important. she sleepily rubs that thought out of her head as the cat purrs by her ankles. she reaches down and scratches the cat behind the ears. absently wondering what felt so strange. oh well. she goes back to her computer, sits and begins the daily routine. check mail, catch up on news, look at the daily favourites, then log in to work. she reviews the articles that have been given for the daily issue of her magazine. she still can't believe all the change that has occurred. new job, new city, new title, new salary. the apartment wouldn't show that new salary, no, she was going to spend it on her future, their future. where was he again? maybe work. she spends a good hour and a half revising a few articles, then decides to grab a shower, maybe that will clear her mind. after shrugging her silk robe, she lets down her long brown hair. she turns the dial to warm and proceeds to step inside. quietly humming to herself and relishing in the water, she hears a noise. she steps out of the shower and wraps herself in a towel. 'honey, is that you?' she calls, walking out into the bedroom. he stands there as her towel drops. he says nothing, just begins to walk away. 'what?' she pleads. 'just forgot my favourite tie.' he says and walks out the door. she turns and inspects her apartment, notices all of his things are missing. she remembers what today is. today is the day he leaves her.

Ten*ta"tive (?), a. [L. tentare to try: cf. F. tentatif. See Tempt.]

Of or pertaining to a trial or trials; essaying; experimental.

"A slow, tentative manner." Carlyle. -- Ten*ta"tive*ly, adv.


© Webster 1913.

Ten*ta"tive, n. [Cf. F. tentative.]

An essay; a trial; an experiment.



© Webster 1913.

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