On it a piece of me, a bus pulled out, Western bound.
As I stood there watching it disappear, time rewound.
She turned back to me, smiled and waved, freeze-frame, image saved.

Home or uni? I couldn't decide.
Guns 'N' Roses screamed at me "Where do we go now?"
Uni while I figured this out, but someone wanted to tape up the Scout.
I set myself free, it was home for me.

An hour later, my heart lighter, I walked to the train.
Still laying heavily on my mind was my friend's pain.
At the lights, a bus drove past.
I wondered how long this fuss would last.

I clambered aboard, deep in thought.
The doors closed with a sharp retort.
My mind wandered to dereferenced pointers.
As I stared out the window, things began to make sense.
It was like walking through a field of ferromagnetic particles.
In my head, I watched them polarise.
Watching my face, my thoughts one could trace.
"It will be ok. Why won't you believe me when I say, it will be ok?"
It's a matter of trust, a step of faith.
Do you understand what I'm trying to say?

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