Apologies if this is listed elsewhere, it sort of came up in a discussion with another noder & we were sort of claiming it as our new invention, but if anyone else get there first...sorry.

A simple way to make absinthe palatable, and of course, being absinthe a simple way to get mullered. I've used ratios because that way you can make as little or as much as you want.

You will need:

3 parts Absinthe
2 parts Lemon juice
1 part triple sec

Put all the above into a cocktail shaker and surprise, surprise: shake. Pour into a chilled glass. You should end up with a very icy green liquid. Call it something along the lines of snowman or permafrost if you think it needs a name.

Pernod Drip
The Classic Preparation

1 1/2 0z. Absinthe
1 sugar cube
crushed or cracked ice

*Use a tea strainer (unless you can find an absinthe spoon, good luck!) over an old fashioned glass.
First pour the absinthe into the glass then place the strainer, with sugar cube inside over the glass.
Pack a mound of your ice atop the sugar. When the ice has melted, the drip is ready. For those with no patience, cold water
can be slowly poured over the strainer until the sugar is gone and the glass is full (this however makes for a weaker drink).*

Ladies Cocktail
1 1/2 oz Calvert Extra
2 dashes Absinthe or Anesone
3 dashes Anisette
1 dash bitters
*Stir well with ice. Strain into glass. Serve with piece of pineapple on top.*

Absinthe Cocktail #1
1 oz. Absinthe
3 dashes Benedictine
2 dashes Bitters
1 oz. Water
*Shake well with cracked ice. Strain into cocktail glass.*

Absinthe Suissesse
1 1/2 oz. Pernod
2-3 Drops of Anisette
2-3 Drops of Orange-Flower Water
1 Tsp. White Creme de Menthe
1 Egg White
*Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.*

1/3 Bailey's irish cream
1/3 Tia maria
1/4 Absinthe
*First add the Bailey's irish cream, then the Tia Maria, and then carefully the Absinthe:
Put the shot on fire and drink it with a straw, or you have another choice:
When the shot is on fire you slap it to extinguish the fire and then you drink it.*

Round Robin
1 Egg White
1 Tsp. Sugar
1 oz. Absinthe
1 oz. Brandy
*Shake with ice and strain into a wine glass.*

Maiden's Blush #2
1/3 oz. Absinthe
2/3 oz. Dry Gin
1 Tsp. Grenadine
*Shake with ice and strain into a highball glass.*

2/5 Absinthe
2/5 Tequila
1/5 Grenadine syrup
*First you put in the absinthe, then the tequila, then the Granadine syrup.*

1/6 Tequila
1/6 Vodka
1/6 Black rum
1/6 Bailey's irish cream
1/6 Grenadine syrup
1/6 Absinthe
*First put the tequila, then the vodka, then the black rum, then the Bailey's Irish Cream,
then the Grenadine syrup and then mix this five elements so that the drink become pink,
to finish add the Absinthe using a spoon. Light the shot on fire and drink it with a straw, or you have another choice:
When the shot is on fire you slap it to extinguish the fire and then you drink it.*

The "Original" Sazerac Cocktail
1 tsp Sugar
1-1/2 oz Rye whiskey
1 Dash Absinthe
2 dashes Peychaud bitters
2 dashes Angostura bitters
1 Lemon peel twist
Crushed Ice
*Chill an Old Fashioned glass by filling with crushed ice. In another glass mix the sugar with the bitters dissolving the sugar.
Add some ice, stirring to chill. In the Old Fashioned glass remove the ice and pour in the absinthe coating the entire glass.
Remove the excess absinthe. Add the Rye Whiskey and bitters/sugar mixture. Add the Lemon Twist.*

Sea Fizz
1 1/2 oz. Absinthe
Juice of 1/2 Lemon
1 Tsp. Sugar
1 Egg White
*Shake with ice and strain into a highball glass and fill with seltzer.*

4th Estate Cocktail
1/3 oz. French Vermouth
1/3 oz. Italian Vermouth
1/3 oz. Gin
4 Dashes Absinthe
*Layer in a shot glass.*

T N T Cocktail
1 oz. Cognac
1/2 oz. Cointreau
Dash of Bitters
1 oz. Absinthe
*Stir with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.*

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