Choose a roadtrip. Choose to carpool. Choose Appalachia. Choose a cabin or a tent. Choose a nametag written in Cyrillic. Choose acoustic guitars and digital cameras. Choose pork ribs and chocolate chip cookies. Choose making new friends. Choose creating music and graffiti in a tunnel. Choose WCOK and Sunday Girl's spot on the couch. Choose sitting on the damp grass under the stars, staring through the windows at a mule of brass reading a book. Choose standing on the back deck, swilling beers and swapping stories. Choose a hangover and pancakes on a Sunday morning. Choose pining away at the end of it all, pissing in the woods because there's no water for the toilets, nothing more than a miserable participant in a fucked up game of Eat poop you cat as you try in vain to make the final moments of a magical weekend last forever.

Choose to make precious memories. Choose an E2 gathering.

This node was originally titled brassmulespotting, but having a noder's name in the title seems to bother some people.

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