An FTN-style echomail network in the 604 (the area code for Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) from late 1993 to 1999 (and thereafter appearing on the web at as a webbbs dramatically reduced in scale but still kicking it up with the same folks) consisting variously of bitterness, in-jokes, nonsense, pseudo-intellectual debates, meet announcement and reviews, and chatter. Like most area-based echonets, with the caveat that we met like we were chatboarders! (er, in frequency, anyhow) ..and so became a stew of distant but tight knit friends or at least tight-knit acquaintances, instead of a vague band of faceless modemmers. Beatle founded TABNet in the aftermath of butterflynet, and while the mantle of host has been passed around in the interrim (beatle, magikelvis, beatle, wild thang, beatle, praxis, beatle, genocide kitten, etana, happyfish, etana, happyfish, soema, heehee, more times than beatle has had handles), we know he at least will never leave us. We're TABNet, and we're not your cup of tea. Many TABNetters have invaded e2, perhaps most lastingly myself and the venerable pseudo_intellectual, otherwise known as Cthulu.

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