Traditional (for going on eight years) name for the discussion area among the local (area code 604) TabNet community for that esteemed topic of meets, cons, and group gatherings of what would otherwise be online strangers who happened to congregate in the same cyberspatial "location".

An explanation of its somewhat whimsical name can be at least partially accounted for in a brief summation of the very first TabMeet: One of the gang of longhair ruffian teenagers sitting around trying to match handles to faces proposed an expedition to the local avant-garde art exhibition, Artropolis, where among other things there was rumoured to be an exhibit consisting of a wall with cabbage leaves nailed all over it. Consensus was attained, and off they went.

At Artropolis (in the closed Woodwards building, surreally enough) they saw many strange and wonderful things, culminating with the unearthing of a distracting performance art "treasure map" leading them through the grungy lanes and back alleys of nearby historic Gastown in search of the treasure (installation) in the trunk of the white car in Blood Alley.

They never did find that car, and near reflections after the meet led many participants to realise that they never managed to take in the cabbage-wall either. In the subsequent months and years to follow, the cabbage would assume the fabled status of the treasure in the car's trunk and its unearthing and location would become the unspoken tacit motivation to continue to congregate after the initial hullabaloo.

We still haven't found it.

Or, as the nuked e1-era summary concisely put it:

meets. reviews, plans and/or talk about meets. alt.cabbage.die.die was created after the first tabmeet after searching for the wall of cabbage (at the Artropolis art show) and not finding it.

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