One in your mouth.

This is part of "The more you know" campaign (on NBC), not nearly as entertaining as Max Weignberg's guest appearance.

At the time, this is the most played appearance in the campaign, subject to being repeated two or three times for those who have cigarettes in their ear and need time to take them out so they can hear the message.

Isn't it great to know where your tax dollars are at work?

I don't have a tv. But, that hasn't stopped me from seeing this public service announcement. A friend of mine cut my hair recently, we were sitting in her kitchen and we had the discovery channel on. We sat, we saw. And, we said, in unison, Aww, he's so cute. I love that show he's on. Clearly the message either wasn't aimed at us, or it went right over our heads, because we both had a cigarette after she was done with my hair.

My point? I guess I'm glad my government's got my back, and that it's hiring actors to remind me not to do bad things to myself, I just wish they would stop making me pay for it.

What's dumber than a cigarette in your ear? A wad of your cash in Uncle Sam's pocket.

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