WARNING/DISCLAIMER: The following stunt can be DANGEROUS, at worst, you may wind up with third degree burns, at best, a foul taste in your mouth.

How to put a cigarette out on your tongue.

I didn't really learn this stunt. I just saw Jim Rose do it on stage once, got real drunk, and tried to do it. Thankfully I succeeded. I also applied the same method to many of his other stunts. I'm surprised I'm not dead.

  • One cigarette.
  • Means of lighting said cigarette.
  • Optional - Moderate (but not excessive) blood alcohol content (don't even think about doing this after throwing back a tumbler of neat Vodka)
  • Optional - refreshing drink/mint for after (oh, a beer, thankyou kindly).
  • As large an audience as you can muster (you do NOT want to be repeating this one).
    Firstly, gather your audience, and light your cigarette. Feel free to do whatever dramatics you would like, take your bets, whatever. Now take your lit cigarette, and stub it out on your tongue, easy at that. Wait for the disgusted replies, take a good swig of clean beverage (spit it out, or swallow it to disgust the audience even further), grab the drink of whoever's nearest to you, take a swig and collect your winnings/answer questions/take phone numbers of hot babes (yeah, right).

    It is very important to stub the cigarette out on one (or at most two) pushes into your tongue (you can push it into your tongue another 3-4 times for dramatic effect). You must stub briskly, without hesitation, but without rushing and screwing things up. By all means PRACTICE stubbing cigarattes out in an ashtray for as long as you need to, such that you can consistently put a cigarette out instantly with one firm push.

    It probably goes without saying to make sure you are aware of the exact spot of your tongue you're going to hit, and to keep this area WET ! A good amount of saliva will do, there's no real need to hack up a glob of phlegm and hold it on your tongue (the trick will also lose a lot of impact), just a nice coating of saliva will be fine.

    Apparently, it helps if before you perform this feat if you drink something nice and cold, even going so far as to inconspicously keep in ice-cube in your mouth against the part of your tongue you're going to put the cigarette out on. This technique is great for other bar tricks, but generally unnecessary for this particular stunt.

    When I used to do this trick (up to several times a night), I was a smoker (Marlboro), so the foul taste wasn't as much as an issue. I was also single, if you aren't single and enjoy a good kiss, your significant other may not approve of you performing this stunt.

    You can also do a casual version of the stunt, if you're smoking a cigarette in the middle of a conversation, briefly look around you for an ashtray, find none, then stub the cigarette out on your tongue, take sip of drink, then continue as if nothing is strange or amiss.

    This stunt tends to be a great icebreaker at parties. Keep in mind that I've met dozens of people doing it, yet it never once got me laid.
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