Here's what a cigarette is to me:

The ultimate Turn-off

No matter how interesting, how charming, how perfect a girl is, as soon as she put's a cigarette in her mouth, that's it. No more romantic thoughts whatsoever. Some people like smoking girls, think of them as sexy, even mysterious. Not me. I somehow can't bring myself to love a smoker, best they can get is friends. A lot of my best friends smoke, and I don't judge them, or try to convert them, accepting them as they are, but not love. And when dating, smoking is the surest way to make sure we become just friends.

Even if they quit, the oblong whitish image lingers in my mind for a very long time. It is not the thought of dying of secondary smoke; it is not the thought of licking an ashtray when kissing, I can't really say what I is that really turns me off. I often regretted this, when I really liked someone, and felt she liked me back, maybe even more. But then, the smoke appears, something clicks, and it's all over. So the fact remains: I can only love non-smokers...