The Cigarette Metanode

"Smoke 'em If You Got 'em"

Cigarettes and cigarette smoking. It's a huge part of society. It's also a huge part of the nodespace here at e2. There are countless nodes about cigarettes, smoking cigarettes, quitting smoking, and cigarette culture in general. Millions of Americans alone are smokers. I myself am a casual smoker. There's something almost fetishistic about the cigarette, something mysterious and very powerful. Something powerfull enough, I thought, to be worthy of a metanode.

The Basics

Cigarette HOWTOs

Cigarette Manufacturers (Big Tobacco)

Cigarette Brands

Cigarette Accesories

There's a ritual surrounding smoking, and ever good ritual needs its talisman and fetish

Not Quite Cigarettes

The cigarette, like any other poweful icon, has inspired several knockoffs and lookalikes.

Songs About Cigarettes

Cigarettes Concepts, Things, and Ideas

Prose and Cigarettes

Cigarettes have long been heavily used in art and literature. They can usefull and powerfull literary devices, as Cigarette Smokers In Fiction points out. Our own noders have busily created and noded prose about and involving cigarettes. Several nodes here border the line between informative and art, and I've listed them here as a sourd of found art.

As always, message me if you need to bitch, or a have a suggestion, or want a node added.