i was standing outside a toys'r'us, waiting for it to reopen after renovations. i think i was waiting with tricia. we went inside, and i lit up a cigarette, for some reason. as i stubbed it out on the ground, i looked up at the ceiling for cameras. the pyramid-like ceiling was probably 200 feet high at it's peak with one camera in the center of it. i laughed about that then noticed the in-store music was provided by hundreds of tiny yellow "sport" radios tied to the ceiling.

now, i'm at the beach. i'm there with tricia, my mom, kevin, emily, and one of emily's friends, i believe. we're sitting really close to the water and just as my mom mentions high tide, a big wave comes and knocks us all under. as i tumble under the water, something grabs my feet. i look down and see that i'm tangled in a red parachute. the water recedes then barrels into us again. this time, i grab ahold of the parachute and start dragging. it's opening up and catching all the water and sand, making it insanely difficult to move. tricia grabs ahold of it, too, and we manage to drag it out. just as we get it out the water, she says, "listen. the ocean's completely calm now." and it was. i turned back and noticed something else floating in the water. it was a term paper some kid did on himself (there was a picture of him affixed to the cover sheet) that somehow remained dry while floating through the ocean. the only thing inside the paper were club flyers.