I and one of my friends took over a house, and kept its inhabitants as hostages. When cops arrived, I shouted them our demands: "We want a car in front of the house, and no one must follow us! Oh yeah, you must also get a large picture of a fox on the side of the car!" After a while, we got a white pickup with a big fox sticker on its door in front of the house, so we went in and took the hostages with us. We drove away, left the hostages, and I told my plan.. We were going for a fortress in the forest, but I dont remember what was going to be idea about then. My friend asked if the fortress had good nets, but I didnt quite get it so I just said its made from pure steel. He asked if I'm crazy, as plain metal fortress would show far wherever it is. Now I understood that he meant camourflage nets, so I laughed and told him that it doesnt matter how easily they see the fortress, but I decided to stop the car because there was a man with a huge, colorful hat standing on the side of the road. He told that his bike was in front of a house, and he had lost his keys, but I knew he was lying. Sure, because I knew this thief, and this was just a hint that he needed some help with the lock. I promised to help him, as he would pay me for it, but while I was messing with the bike, the door of the nearby house opened. We jumped behind the storage building outside, but then I noticed that there were lots of people sitting on benches looking at us, so we stood up pretty ashamed and walked to my car..