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For the first time in a good while, a true what-were-those-mushrooms-I-ate-last-night dream.

Two of my IRC buddies were chasing me and a third IRC friend inside a big warehouse. I'm not sure what we had done to them, but it was obvious this was a serious situation and we were running for our lives.
We locked ourselves in a little room and started to find a way out. I discovered a tiny window and proceeded to break it and pick away all the pieces of glass so we wouldn't cut ourselves. I managed to squeeze myself out to the roof, but unfortunately my comrade was caught.
The warehouse was facing a small town square, with lots of people around. Figuring I was safe, I climbed down from the roof and started heading towards the edge of town.
Suddenly, one of the guys previously chasing us performed a sneak attack on me, having disguised himself as a woman (!). He pinned me down, so I had to kick him twice on the balls to free myself.

I escaped to the forests surrounding the town. After spending a while on exile, I started to feel sorry about having to kick a friend of mine to the nuts. Even when it was just self defence. So, I decided to return in order to apologize.
While walking through a parking lot, I met my grandmother. She started asking me strange questions about drugs. While attempting to answer her as best as I could, I spotted the friend I had battled with walking by. I apologized to him about the violence, but he assured me it wasn't a problem. Infact, he showed me a bunch of singles he had recorded while I was away, one of them telling about the incident between the four of us. It had apparently been a chart-topping hit and earned him lots of $$$. He laughed, saying I couldn't have any of it although I inspired the lyrics.
Some friend, huh? :)