Something... Brody was listening to me. He still wouldn't speak, but he was listening. I thought I was over this shit, damnit! No idea what I said and it wouldn't make any difference anyway.

Something's going to break soon...

I was on the receiving end of tech support and things on my desktop were speaking to me, jumping and moving and changing colour. The clock (an analog one, circular and in the centre of the screen) was going crazy and spinning randomly. I clicked everything and closed my eyes.

The ambiguous tech support person - They seemed so familiar - told me that they could "point" to things on my desktop to aid me as they spoke, by remotely setting the clock, like a compass. This seemed like the best idea i'd ever heard, at the time. An enlightenment of truly epic proportions. It didn't occur to me, in the dreamstate, that the clock was wasting valuable screen real estate or that, if they could control my computer remotely, they could just fix whatever was wrong themselves. Hail to the guru.

I felt so helpless. I was a user.

In retrospect, they might have been changing time itself, but I have no idea how and it wouldn't quite work right.

Kinda overkill, too... Messing with space-time to solve one little problem...