• The little girl runs through the dark city streets, in sneakers and a summer dress. Her long blonde hair is soaked brunette by the falling rain, and is sticking to her face. She turns into an alley and crouches next to a dumpster. As the rain begins to pour down even more heavily, she leans back against the concrete wall, wraps her dress tightly around her legs, and begins to shiver and whisper.

    "You will never be alone. You will never be alone. You will never be alone..."

    Her eyes are beautiful as she stares up at the clouds, blinking as the raindrops hit her eyes.

  • I look at the calendar. It's Saturday. I look at the calendar. It's Tuesday. I look at the calendar. It's Thursday. I look at the calendar. It's Sunday. I look at the calendar. It's Sunday. I'm cold.

I would like to know who the girl is in the first dream, and where the days are going in the second.

I had a dream last night that I was programming. I was programming a game and it was going pretty well. My boss walked up and told me that I had to add a talking “paper clip”. He was very adamant about me adding that Microsoft little talking paper clip. And it totally didn’t go with my RPG game.

I didn’t want to argue with my boss. I just keep thinking give him what he wants. After he left my office I started talking with my girlfriend who was working in the cube next to me. Which is only slightly strange become she is far from a programmer. As a matter of fact he hates doing. But anyway she was there programming with me. My girlfriend told me not to put the paper clip into the program. She said that it was stupid. And I agreed with her. But I keep saying, “It’s what the boss wants. And right or wrong It’s going in there.”.

So I put it into the game. But I did it a funny way. Whenever you attacked a bad guy a little paper clip would pop up and say it looks like your trying to kill him. Should I try and do that for you. Also when you attacked someone a message box would pop up saying “are you sure you want to kill him?” I thought it was funny. So did everyone else. I woke up before showing it to my boss.

  • Three rough men, in hardhats and flannel shirts. They are looking through the stack of frames against the wall, trying to find the perfect photograph, poster size, of the house before you started messing with it. Messing with it I say indignantly. He is not messing with it, He is fixing it up perfect. There are no men and there is no house. This is nonsensical talk and I slide back into a wakefulness to hear you laugh at my sleepy words.


    . .
    . .
         . .
  • Main St. in the rain. Rain rain rain rain. I wish I could write the sound of this rain so you would understand what it did to me. Melted in blue rivulets, my colors washing away. Turned into a small square block of concrete.

  • Next it is sleepy sun and we are each a different rainbow. I make mine all blues, light and dark and greenblues and deep red blues and I bend my colors back over so they reach from here to forever. Dina is reds to yellow. Heather is hot neons, pink and green. We are going to change the world right after we finish looking in the mirror.

  • KISSING GAMES ARE FUN! I do not remember details but it tasted like cherries.

This was a dream from about a week ago.

I am a successful scientist for a research laboratory somewhere (looks like somewhere in the mountains, possibly Russia) and my research group have been working on a project which I do not remember the specifics of but I believe it involved me testing a prototype vehicle on a racetrack.

We had managed to achieve the goals of the project with spectacular results, and me being the man of the moment was in high praise of all the others.

There was a party that followed which was typical of the sort held after a major discovery or breakthrough had been achieved, so everyone was busying themselves getting drunk and patting themselves on the back for a job well done. As everyone was in such high spirits and joyous moods, I felt quite the centre of attention. So I slipped outside (from the outside the building looked like a Swiss chalet) I was soon joined by a friend (from the conscious world) who, although had a distinct attractiveness, I still just considered a friend.

After a brief moment of peace, she walked over to me and began to talk about what was going on inside the chalet but stopped when she saw the uninterested look in my eye. She asked me what was wrong but I just shrugged and took a deep breath of the cold and bitter air.

She approached me and proceeded to try and wrap her arms around me but I was taken aback by this sudden move (she was in a stable relationship in reality), so I stepped back and tripped, and we both ended up falling back into the snow bank. Amongst the cold I could only feel her warm presence attached to me and I felt quite warmed inside.

Unfortunately I woke up at this point, realising it was still early in the morning I tried to go back to sleep and return to the dream but it was gone.

I was in a clothing store. I go into the dressing room, and it's large, like a small bedroom, and has a small cot and a window looking out onto the street below. It even has a closet. I start to change into my clothes, and the other girl in the dressing room is trying on a shirt, but it doesn't quite fit. She hands it to me, and I try it on, along with a long light brown skirt. The clothes fit perfectly and look great.

I really notice the other girl in the room with me. She is pretty, reclining on the cot as she talks to me, tall, with dark brown hair and large eyes. I don't know what color. She is perfect. I leave the store, but am loathe to leave the girl in the dressing room.


I am laying on the ground inside a building that myself and two others are trying to rob. We lay inside the entrance together and whisper in the dark about what we need to do. A girl gets up and uses a strange shaped electric screwdriver to enter another part of the building. She uses an extra large bit.

She returns and asks my companion for the other bit that she will need. He can't find it. Frustrated, we get up to leave. I look down and see the missing bit laying on the ground under where my companion had been laying. I pick it up and turn to see my friends have left the building. I go outside and find that they have gotten in the SUV and have started to drive away.

I wave the bit and trot after them, and they slow down and pull over to the side. As I approach, they pull away again. I run after. They slow again, and pull to the side, and then once more speed up and pull away. I flip them the bird and turn around and walk away, taking the missing bit with me.


I return to the building the next morning, and a tanned, leathery woman in her late thirties waves a board with bent nails in it, and says, "You just had to show them where the safe was, didn't you." I look to see, and find many boards with bent nails, and various indentations in the solid seeming walls.

I walk further in and see an indoor nature preserve in varying states of deconstruction, with groups of people busy putting things away. Down a ramp, there is a field with a pond in the middle.

Someone shouts from above me, at a higher level, "Don't forget the wild grasses! Those are the most important!" The people below me on the field are busy pulling up the grass and stowing it in packing boxes.

I ascend a ramp to my left and take a tour of the packing up process. People all around are putting potted plants into boxes and carrying things outside. As I pass each group, I can hear the whispering, "Wow. *She's* here."

I look to the left at one of the groups towards the back of the building, and see my perfect girl. She nods to me and gets back to work, stowing potted cabbages.

I return to the building entrance and see thefez stride in, carrying some posterboard under his arm. He walks to the overhang above the pool and holds up his homemade sign. "We must be very careful to watch the wine," he shouts. A hush falls over the room. I think to myself, I know where the wine is. His sign has flowery shapes drawn on it in purple ink.

Then Fez shouts, "Is everybody having fun in the pool?" Suddenly all signs of wildlife are gone, and the pool down below is clean and filled with chlorinated water. The gathered crowd shouts, "YEAH!" And they were all noders.

Reality Doom

  • With August and Genery, I appear on a circular stone platform between two facing buildings of Roman architecture. We enter the larger one and walk slowly down the dark hallway, lit intermittently by torches. The passage turns right into a large circular room with a domed ceiling. We are suddenly attacked by a flame-colored demon, half-minotaur, half-lion. We fight it with our fists until it is dead. Then we walk back the way we came and enter the other building. This one leads down a short flight of stairs to a similar circular room. Again we are attacked by a similar but different monster. This one is covered in soft, orange fur. After we kill it, August and I suddenly appear back on the stone platform. I realize that this is actually a virtual reality Doom game we are designing and this is a test level for the two enemy monsters. We re-enter the small building and approach the now lifeless monster, standing ferociously by the wall. We admire the dark atmosphere of the lighting but focus our attention on the demon. I comment on the texture of its fur which feels like very soft rabbit fur. August likes the realism of its glowing eyes and drooling gums. I give it a few test punches to feel the elasticity of its body and we decide it's a keeper.

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