I am getting a bit tired of this "someone else but me at the same time" stuff that dreams seem to feature so much.

Hidden among the discarded wrappings of other birthday presents, I find one from C. and F. that I have somehow missed. It is a cloak of many colours, a layered wad of bright and intensely patterned silk scarves. The scarves are square and very large: when I knot the cloak around my shoulders it drags on the floor behind me. As I walk the scarves move and new colours are constantly revealed and re-hidden to create a sort of shifting metapattern; I feel magical.

I suddenly realized we'd been living in the same house all along. I didn't know it until the morning, when he popped his head in my door to say he was going to use the shower, that ok? I said sure without looking up, then realized that i'd been writing him a letter at the time.

I knocked on the bathroom door, and we had a good laugh over the irony, but he still didn't show his face. When i came out into the kitchen, the floor was covered with nutshells, and my feet were bare. The cats were hungry but there was no food, so i wrapped them in a blanket and sat in the corner to wait.

we were looking for an apartment, and we finally settled on an old house instead, with two floors and it looked odd, the rooms were very narrow. some of the wallpaper was nice, other places needed paint. it seemed well enough and thusly we were set to move in because the previous tennants were already gone. for some reason, we lived across the street from the place we were going to move into. so, early the next morning i wandered out and there were some odd things like a police officer, something else that escapes me.. and i had to trudge through the bushes and long grass that made up the lawns of the two houses (which are now between the house we lived in and this new one, rather than across from it).

i open the door, and note that there are coats, a babies jacket and some older people's clothing, as if a family was living there. it still looked empty, otherwise, but there were jackets.. and then i thought perhaps i'd chosen the wrong place so i backed away but it seemed so right. i wandered back home and asked which house it was, and upon confirmation noted that it was occupied. the police came, and chased the occupants out, they happened to be living there before and were now homeless because they couldn't afford it anymore. i felt bad. they seemed like very stressed and odd people. they piled into a beat up old brown car while we went to the house, and the man pulled out a huge knife and told his wife to go kill us. she took the knife and thrust it into his head, right through, and uttered something about being tired of his stupid brain.

she took the baby and i'm not sure what happened with them, after that.

we went into the house with my dad and started exploring around. my brother took the bigger room that was neat so i was kind of agitated, but mom said that the other room wasn't bad. i went to look at it. it was a little smaller than the room i'm in now and i kept complaining about 'downgrading'. i noted several times that the hallways and rooms were so narrow. it reminded me of a maze.

i think this dream has a lot to do
with what i was thinking just before
i went to sleep last night. there
were bits and pieces of reality mixed
with peculiar dreamscape type things.
maybe that's all life is, anyway..

This is the second in a series of weird dreams for me. I'll write up the first one a little later, as it's quite involved (it occured Saturday night/Sunday morning, and I'm still sorting it out in my mind).

I'm together with a bunch of my old friends from high school. Only in my dream, they're not my friends, they're my enemies. They're pure evil. They're saying evil things about me, things that aren't true. We're in some metallic grey-white room with a door that leads to the outside of one of the companies where I used to work. There's a vending machine selling drinks and snacks in very weird wrapping/containers, and nothing else in the room.

The people are talking to each other, mostly about me. I go outside, and get in my car (which is the same kind my dad drives). One of them is in the car with me, and I just want him out. He was a good friend of mine who I never talk to any more, but he was just pure evil in the dream, taunting and teasing me. I drive for a long time, across winding mountain roads, and end up at a house. I believe this is my house, or my future house, or the house of my dreams. It doesn't matter. It's fairly large, very ritzy. I tell my friend, who is still really, really evil, to look at it, because it's mine. He shuts up. The dream ends.

Suddenly, I appeared in the middle of a WaWa. I walked over to the dirty donuts, that I would never eat in reality(but I guess that's what dreams are all about). I opened the door, grabbed two donuts(both had chocolate on them), and ate them. I walked out, not having to pay(the guy said I could just have them).

This is where it gets interesting. After an hour, I start tripping, and realize that the donuts were rigged with something. Things warped like crazy. Something scared the living shit out of me, so I woke up abruptly.
Lost Coast

  • I awake from a dream about my friends Allen and August. I've been sleeping in the grass by a sidewalk. I stand up and see an old friend, Nyeland, and wave to him. Behind him I see Allen and August walking along. I run over to them and tell them I was just dreaming about them. They invite me to come along with them on their backpacking trip to the Lost Coast in Humboldt County. We arrive on the black sand beach and, in a fit of excitement, drop our packs and run towards a tiny grotto on the edge of the water. Every few seconds a huge wave crashes into it, completely sweeping out the interior and making passage to the other side a dangerous feat. We can't see through the twisty passage to see if it's even possible to make it. August and Allen go for it while I hang back in hesitation. They don't come back and I give up in fear.

  • I watch through the back door as my mother accidently backs a tractor through the neighbor's fence and living room wall.

  • I follow a man around who is obsessed with bouncing a superball off every surface he sees.

I am in a forest, and suddenly I am surrounded by people with knives and swords. I also have a sword, and I kick ass.
I mean, I am killing these guys left and right, and when there is only one left, I lose my sword, and the guy tries to stab me. He thrusts his sword into my chest an most of the blade sticks out of my back. But, I am not done, I spin around and even as I die, I fall on the one who stabbed me and the sword goes into him too. He dies, and because I soon woke up, I technically won the fight.

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