bugs bunny and daffy duck were preparing to race each other across the broken and fractured rocks of the wilderness. Daffy kept running off in the wrong direction, but bugs eventually pointed daffy down the path.

The race began...

Yet it wasn't bugs and daffy anymore; Myself, possibly katyana and my brother were exploring a hospital corridor. We followed the corridor, then turned left and left again to a room with showers, toilets and sinks. I tried to take the lift/elevator from this room to another floor, but two imposing woman doctors chased me away from it.

We waited for the two women to leave, then managed to take the lift to the restaurant floor. Here we ordered bread and paté, and chatted to the other people at our table. They were superheroes, dressed in normal clothes.

A Scene Shift...

We followed the heroes to a cliff. They had been captured and tied up by a horrible supervillian who was dressed in dark green and yellow with a single eye in his head. He was going to use the power draining superhero to drain our lifeforce, then transfer it to himself via the power reflecting superhero.

As he tied me up I struggled with him and managed to knock one of his weapons away from him. It tumbled down the cliff, disappearing in the mists below. He cursed me and flew down to find it.

I freed myself and the superheroes; we prepared to fight the supervillian when he returned.

I awoke to Thena the cat walking carefully over my legs...

I'm walking around campus, watching people run around and interact with one another because the semester has just finished and everyone was now free. I, however, wasn't free, and was trying to find the location of the summer class I was taking.

I found where it was, and walked into the room and sat down. My professor entered, and I noticed he was fairly young and really good looking. He began lecture and gave out some handout that we were going to discuss that day. I began to space out and not pay attention, when I heard him say, "What do you think of that, Jenny?"

"Pardon?" Some people in the classroom started laughing at me because I was caught off-guard.
"What do you think is one thing the American people wastefully spend their dollars on?"
"Oh. Food. People spend too much money on food..."
Mr. Professor didn't seem to think this was a good answer, so he continued lecturing for another half hour, and the lecture was let out. I began walking back to my apartment, and after ten minutes, the professor rides past me on his bicycle. He sees me, and slows down and turns around. We began to talk about what I said in lecture and what his take on it was. I don't remember much of our conversation, but for some reason he ended up grabbing my hand. His skin was rough and dry. He then tried to kiss me! I was shocked, and turned my face just in time so his lips hit my cheek. I knew it would be risky to get involved with a professor whose class I was in, but he was relentless.

We walked back to my apartment together and upon entering, I saw that everything was bare and being painted. I walked into my room, which had remained untouched and the professor (whose name I still did not know) started to make out with me. We kissed for a little while when he asked if he could take a shower at my place... I said yeah, and once he got in, I found my roommate and began to tell her everything that happened with the professor and how scared I was that I was going to get in trouble for getting into something with a professor who was teaching a class I was in! After that, I don't really remember what happened..But dreams where you make out with cute professors are cool.
R. Crumb Collaboration

  • Hanging out with underground comix pioneer R. Crumb. We're doodling together and I watch him sketch the bodies of frumpish men with his fine ink pen. But he doesn't draw the faces, just fills them with opaque ovals and tells me he'll "finish them later."

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