I was in my mother's house. It was a friday, and we were expecting some snow over the weekend. And my father told me and my brother to put our bicycles in the garage away before shabbos.

Then he and I were standing in the hallway upstairs next to an apple macintosh computer which stood on a table and he asked me to undertake the responsibility of keeping that immediate area clean. He asked me what materials I'd need, and I, running my finger through the dust on the table, asked for a feather duster. He said they were too expensive. I asked, don't we have three in the house already? He told me I should ask my mother about them- she had lost them all. And I thought, how will I clean this area with a rag? I'd have to make it wet and that could interfere with the computer.

I had a dog. It was huge and white and heartbreakingly cuddly. My little brother and sister were in my sister's room, taking off their cold, snow covered coats and scarves and boots and gloves. My little brother was grimacing, seemingly in real pain. Then they got into my sister's bed to go to sleep, and I had the dog lie next to my sister to keep her warm.

I took the dog to the petshop, which was also the veterinarian's office. Then I left him there, but with the understanding that my sister would take care of him. I went out and walked fown the block, but then I returned. The dog was on an examination table and the veterinarians were examining him, there were two down by his stomach and they might have been doing surgery.
Background information:
Luntamo is a very old man, veteran of the WWII but physically very fit. For example, he's the world champion in orienteering of his age. But sometimes he misses names and after a while chatting with him you notice the time has left its marks.. Luntamo is a Finnish and I doubt he speaks any other languages than Finnish and maybe some Swedish.
Fatima is a loveable French girl whose parents are from Algeria and Morocco. She speaks French, English, Arabic and wee bit Spanish but no Finnish nor Swedish. Unfortunately we are not married..

The short dream starts:

I'm haunted by the old geezer Luntamo as he tells his relatively boring stories from his past. He talks about the Second World War and how brave he was and so on. I'm not even slightest interested but I don't want to be rude either. At least, sometimes mr. Luntamo is quite nice and you have to respect his age. -- You see, I'm just 25 but in my dream I'm maybe 3-5 years older.

The monologue goes on and I really want to leave so I tell mr. Luntamo that I have to go home to drop something. But persevering Luntamo doesn't give up and he follows me on my way to home talking continuously. When I tell him that I'll just shortly visit home and will leave immediately he gets an idea to entertain my wife Fatima with his stories. I feel pity for 'Fati' and I lie to mr. Luntamo that she doesn't speak any other language but Arabic trying to get rid of him. The last thing you want to do your wife is to bring this lethally boring man home as a nuisance.

But the old geezer follows me inside anyway. This house of ours is just like my parents' house but in the dream it has two floors instead of one. I call 'Fati' and as she appears into the hall I desperately try to use improvised sign language to prevent her speaking. I introduce Fatima to mr. Luntamo in English (which is only common language for "moi et mon madamoiselle"). I'm pretty sure that Luntamo didn't have a clue what I was saying and I leave them together feeling confident that everything will go as I wished i.e. Fatima understood my worry and mr. Luntamo doesn't find it pleasant to stay there very long.

I had nightmares all last night. It really sucked because I kept waking up. I got arrested for stealing a bus, Linux was a hoax, a venemous snake slithered on me for half an hour and finally bit me. I woke up and checked my arm after that one. Also thrown in was a cool recurring dream that I'm on Jackass. The funniest mini-nightmare though was when I was in hell. I don't remember what I did or how I got there (too many bad wu's), but there I was. Apparently my hell is just swimming in magma, no real scenery or fires or anything to speak of, nothing to stand on, just doing the back stroke and lots of molten rock.

I was swimming around kinda underlava and somehow found a door. I went through it and I was in a breakroom, like the lunch room at an office. It was like finding a secret spot in Metroid. There was a fridge, vending machines, tables, even trash on the floor. "Hey, this isn't so bad!" I thought. Then another guy showed up and I reflected on the greatness of the break room. "Yeah, but wait until all the riffraff shows up".

I was wondering what he was talking about when the riffraff did show up. Street Saviors on break, jerk car mechanics, rude wal mart cashiers, people I know and didn't like, etc etc. I finally got feed up and headed back into the lava. Yeah, molten rock and iron is a bit warm, but I was by myself and I thought "Hey, this isn't so bad!"

Hm. There was funnier stuff in the dream, but I can't always recall dreams very well. Guess you had to be there.
There was a Nazi cabinet meeting, or more accurately I think the inauguration of a new cabinet. But it wasn't in grand circumstances: it looked like a village hall, with lots of chairs in rows as if for a public meeting. They were all facing the front, i.e. there was no dais for the senior people: Hitler was just amid the rest somewhere in the middle, and I recognized Goering and others among them.

I was impressed at the quality of the sound recording and was interested to hear their voices; you hear snatches of Hitler's sometimes but it's not often you get to hear long speeches by the others. Quite a historic document, this film or whatever it was.

When Hitler swore by God, a passionate, pious, dramatic look came to his face: as if especially captured and enhanced by the cinematographer for its patriotic value. By that and his reference to President Hindenburg I could tell this was from the early years of the regime.

Suddenly amid this there was a cut-away to a sarcophagus or effigy: some carved white marble figure lying down, as in a cathedral. A caretaker indicated it.

Then the deputy, Goering I suppose, got up and made his speech of allegiance.

Then a tall man with an extraordinarily long chin got up and he made a speech, only this was in English, with a Scottish accent: he was evidently some kind of agent reporting to them on events in Britain, because he said (something quite like) "...thanks to a man in the Royal Infirmary who brought us all to power".

The Nazis listened to this politely, then a translator stood and repeated it in German, ending with "...thanks to a man in the Royal Infirmary who brought us all to power".

As one they and we, the Germans in the village hall and we watching the film, all roared this out as patter à la Gilbert and Sullivan: "Thanks to a man in the Royal Infirmary, who brought us all to power!"

This smoothly and suddenly changed to an immensely strong feeling of sadness for Dai-un. In "real life" (E2) I haven't said on my home node that I miss sensei or Dai-un, because I never had any contact with either of them. Yet this was such a strong feeling.

Another noder was there in the dormitory, possibly heyoka, and possibly a number of us; but she was also very saddened. I was in my 7/11 pyjamas: this refers to the top and bottom being the same pattern in different degrees, I think, though I can't remember which was 7 and which 11.

A young girl came round intending to take care of her: only seven or eight, but possibly also one of us. heyoka(?) asked whether she knew who I was, trying to coax her into answering my name rather than the description the girl was using.

This was such an interesting and nodable dream that I got up, got out my notebook, and wrote up notes on it. I thought about this for a little while and worked out that I had only dreamt doing it, so if I wanted to remember it I'd better get up and do it for real.

At first I couldn't fall asleep, I don't know why, I was just restless. So when I did finally fall asleep it was one of those half sleep and awake things. I was laying on my side and thinking that I was writing on E2 at the same time, like recording the gibberish that was going through my head and what I was saying in my dream. I'm serious this was true gibberish, I was aware of the gibberish but I can't remember now. I eventually awoke from that weird dream, I don't know if it's a dream or not but I don't know.

Okay, so I eventually did fall asleep and this time the dream was taking place in my little sister's elementary school. My mom told me to go pick her up because it was her last day at school but she was getting pictures done. Well when I was there I was looking for my little sister, I couldn't find her and I was getting annoyed because I hate going to pick up my sister from her school. She is obsessed with the playground and won't leave it when you tell her it's time to go. Well I finally see her and she's running into a classroom, so I go towards there and there's these 2 little grade 7 boys who think they're all that guarding the room. I ask them when the pictures will be starting but they tell me it will be ending for them at about 4:45pm. I ask if I can go in and they won't let me, and they still don't tell me what time the pictures are starting. I got pissed off and was like, whatever, you suck, I can fly!

So I go off and fly around in the sky for a while as people look up when I pass over them. Luckily this time there aren't any people trying to shoot me down like in my other dream. Well I see two people I know and I land. They comment on how I'm still flying and I'm like yup! Their power or something is an incredible gaydar and I follow them around while they point people out and we start hitting on them. It was funny. Eventually that dream ended and I never picked up my sister. Another dream kind of just started right after that one though.

This involves South Park, the cartoon. Coincidentally that's the name of the Elementary school I went to, and the one that my little sister goes to. Well This dream relates to the episode I watched right before I went to sleep. When the kids go to the Jewbilee. Well it kind of takes off on the part where the pimply guy scout is leading the little squirts, but the role of the pimply guy scout is replaced by an elderly mage and the little kids have the ability to inflate themselves. My dog was in the dream as the bear that snatches them away. Well the old mage guy was leading the kids through a maze full wooden suspension bridges over swampy waters. The problem was the kids kept falling in and he wouldn't notice so the kids would try to inflate themselves one at a time and hang on to each other so they wouldn't drown. He only noticed that they were in the water when he was at the final bridge that connected to land and started fishing the kids out with his cane. When he finished fishing them out there was about 3 missing and he was like oh well. And I was thinking in my head, hmmmm that means I don't have to feed Jude (my dog) tonight because she'll be full of children. And then I wake up with the gardeners and their lawnmowers in my backyard and my sister screaming to my dog to get into the house because it's raining.

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