1. to lose consciousness. to enter the state of sleep
  2. (limb) to lose feeling, due to a pinched nerve. Once my index finger fell asleep from sleeping on a bad hide-a-bed it was almost as wierd as the time both arms fell asleep.
The term for the condition that occurs when blood flow is slowed down or cut off to a body part, usually the legs. This is usually caused by sitting on your legs, crossing your legs, and even wearing tight ski or inline-skate boots.

The human body requires blood to function properly, including nerves. When blood flow is cut off, nerves lose their ability to transmit electrical signals, and in effect, you lose the ability to feel with those nerves. When blood flow resumes, the nerves regain that ability, but after being deprived of blood, will transmit signals in a haywire fashion, causing that tingling effect. After a while, the nerves will start to function properly again.

This does occur in any body part where blood flow can be cut off, as well as situations where the nerves artificially lose their sensitivity. Some people experience this in their mouths when a novocaine injection wears off.

If you experience this routinely and no blood flow was cut off, it may be a sign of a nervous system disease. You should see a healthcare professional.

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