Is this just bad lag?
Have I lost IRC?
Caught in a timeout
Can't escape from reality

I opened up mirc
An escape from my work for me
I'm just a poor girl
But I need sympathy 
Because it's easy come, easy go
Server's down, network's slow
Everyway the 'net goes
Doesn't really matter to me
To me

Oh no, he seemed a friend
But now he's feeling bored
Doesn't need me now he's "scored"
Oh crap, a friendship just begun
But it seems he's gone and thrown it all away

I know you-oo-oo-oh
Didn't mean to make me cry
If you're not back online this time tomorrow... I'll
carry on, carry on
And pretend it doesn't matter

It's too late, he's gone to bed
He sends shivers down my spine
Pulse is racing all the time
Goodnight, everybody, I've got to go
Gotta leave you all behind and fall asleep

Timezones... Oo-oo-oo-oh...
I don't wanna go
(though) I sometimes wish I'd never logged on at all

I'm but a little silhouetto of myself
(Sweep the floor, wash the clothes; can you get it all done now?
This place is a pigsty
I have to get it clean, I...

Checking mail (for a moment) I'm not staying (no not really)
I'll just open, (though I shouldn't) irc and check my notify oh oh oh oh

I'm so alone now, my /whois says I'm idle
(Trina has been idle for 85 minutes)
Am I so dull that you can't talk to me?
Easy come, easy go, now just watch me go
How foolish, no, it seems I cannot go
I should go
How stupid, no, it seems I cannot go
I must go
Just can't seem to go
to go
Really cannot go
Let me go?
Never never never let me go
oh oh OH
Oh he's online now, he's online now
Oh thank the gods I didn't go?

Now I can hurt
as he talks to every one but me...

But me...
But ME

So you think I have nothing of interest to say?
So you think when you chat I'll just get in your way?
Oh? Baby
Don't do this to me Baby
I wish I'd logged off
Now I have to get right outta here

Nothing really matters,
Now I truly see,
That nothing really matters,
Nothing really matters,



Pronunciation - any TLAor FLA written in capitals is to be read as letters,
while lowercase TLAs and FLAs are to be read as words. So IRC has three syllables, while irc has one
Theme - This isn't about me, in the now. It may be partly about me at different times over the past few years, and it is partly about some friends I have now, but mostly it's about making the filk work.
Title - I don't really care for it. Any idea will be gratefully received.


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