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1. Girls who are boys, who like boys to be girls, who do boys like they're girls, who do girls like they're boys, 2. Anti-Burt Bacharach League of Concerned Citizens, Philosophers, and Ne'er-Do-Wells, 3. Amphibifrigidrizzlirisleyites
But we also have to abolish conformists, girls over fifteen who are still virgins, the reputed well-adjusted, and their prisons. - - Internationale Lettriste #2
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A note on pronunciation

The "CH" is pronounched as in BaCH and ACHtung, not as in ArCHer or CHord, but your painful helplessness with non English names makes you a philistine American deserving of pity, and I will allow you to pronounced it as an unaccompanied "H" if you act penitant. If you ask irrelevant questions like what race or religion I am or what country I'm from, I'll answer them, but they have nothing to do with my not being named Jenny or Christine. I fart in the general direction of your assumed homogeneity. TWAJS.

/me misses stand/alone/bitch.

I can't help it.

What is written on my hand right now:

07:36: Metacognizant: RELIGION IS FUCKING DUMB OK?

07:36: Metacognizant: even YOUR religion!


07:37: EDB has swallowed Metacognizant. Metacognizant was tasty!

Walter says heh heh. But Jesus was gay! heh heh heh.

Qeyser says ... Did you know that "copepods" can be rearranged into "Popes cod"?

Oolong says re Midrash: Has anyone filmed much of the Midrash? Because a sixty-foot Moses has great cinematic potential... especially with God waving mountains around and so on...

Metacognizant says i have no better source for this than an isaac bashevis singer story but i have heard one jewish doctrine that a righteous woman gets to be her husband's footstool in heaven.

arieh says footstool++

Metacognizant says it's a good thing i'm not going to heaven, i won't have to deal with the back strain

arieh says maybe if you're really good, you get to be a coffee table.

And when I went into Jesus's room
On his wall he had pictures of Angelina Jolie
He said my mom and dad are making me practice the violin
Yeah, but somethin' 'bout the violin ain't holy

Illumina says Metacognizant laughs the loudest. And her hair is a smurf holocaust.

Guy in the woodworking shop says Well, I bet nobody ever picks a fight with YOU!

allseeingeye says I'm sorry, but your far to cool to actually exist. You are corporate americas answer to e2. ;)

Pseudo Intellectual says rock out with your politick out!

: - ) - :

Dave Licari says Marijuana?! You'll get rabies!

Rishi Mukhopadhyay says At present your eccentricities are still kinda cute, but they're going to be frightening in about 10 years, aren't they?

enth says if we're hallucinating, it's consensual

We are the rats in the garbage of the western world
We are the rats in the garbage of the western world
We are the rats in the garbage of the western world
So let's dance


Black coffee Lenny Bruce Ani Difranco George Carlin Mann Library Stacks Tompkins Square Park Belle and Sebastian Phil Ochs TAQ polymerase Bob Dylan Kurt Vonnegut John Lennon Douglas Adams Vinyl Clementines M.C. Escher J.R.R. Tolkien Mud Paul Simon Washington Square Park Dry red wine Salman Rushdie The Velvet Underground Paris Peasant Urban scavenging Wifredo Lam Fountains of Wayne The Pixies Joni Mitchell Rufus Wainwright Tristan Taormino Alice in Wonderland Mr. Gnu Manual cameras Bright Eyes Generation Records Hedwig and the Angry Inch Darren Ahronofsky Sylvia Plath Steven Jay Gould The Magnetic Fields Joseph Heller Dan Bern Sleater-Kinney Rain William Blake Cicadas Neutral Milk Hotel Jesus Sewing machines Rabbi Abraham Ibn Ezra The Phantom Tollbooth Long Beach Guitars Beck Dinah Adin Steinsaltz Kermit the Frog The Blind Watchmaker Gillette Mach III razors John Brown Hans Belmer Mix tapes Special Effects hair dye Bikini Kill Milk crates Arboreal clambering Doonesbury Rene Magritte The Modern Lovers Woody Guthrie E.V. Debbs Fight Club The Church of Betty Diaptomus sanguineus Subterranean Records Scott Joplin Pink Moon Shabtai Zvi Michelle Shocked Clouds Allen Ginsberg Hitchhiking Todd Solondz Toys in Babeland Leonard Cohen Savage Love

Fictional nodes make me wet.
Factual nodes get me off.


Fake sluts The Deskilling of Labor "Gay" as an all-purpose negative adjective Raw dough Bovine Somadotrophin Television advertising Yeshivas The Neutral Theory of Molecular Evolution Cornell University Judicial Administration The "Watch on the Heather" argument for creation from design Aristotle Smooth Jazz Entzauberung Nonsense DNA Sororities Boasian culturalism Sensor operated plumbing

    /   *   \
___/_       _\___
 O \ |     | / O
    \|     |/
     |     |   
    /|     |\
   / |     | \

QXZ says Tittyfuck ASCII art PLUS PLUS.

Ben Davis says Your values are pretty much the same as those of the typical American male.

*Metacognizant is TWELVE! all you fuckers are going to JAIL!!!

... *QXZ has managed to not have sex with Meta yet, and is therefore safe

dmd › Eleven people going to jail isn't going to stress the system all THAT much, Meta.

... ‹ crux › Me + Metacognizant = Legal

discofever says Girl, you are making us gossip-queens very, very happy.

Ikura says In the absense of an external power structure, the sluts will come to rule.



47 women agreed with you, and chose "Buster Keaton" as the best sex option of all time

...Out of 4,786,611 test takers so far.

yossarian says i know Meta's into women's curling like i am

zot-fot-piq says HOLY SHIT! I thought I was the only one into women's curling. Did you see the red-headed swiss chick? Hubba hubba.

Guy at the soup kitchen says You are female, right?

Kid on 25th Rd says Are you a boy or a girl?

To Node (Chings for those who node these well before I do, mailbombs for those who node these poorly)

E2 Hospitality Index: Harlem, New York City. A futon plus floor space for 4 or so. My dog is a lovey pillow. There is a lot of street noise.

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