A singer-songwriter in the best tradition of American music, drawing on folk, rock, blues, swing, jazz, country, and gospel. Sorely abused by the music industry because her music is difficult to pigeonhole, she has been doing some independent releases of late.

In many ways, she draws on the best parts of the tradition that Bob Dylan abandoned and to which he is now returning.

An approximate and slightly annotated discography, please send me any updates or corrections of course:

  1. The Texas Campfire Tapes (Referred to by Michelle as "The Texas Campfire Thefts")
  2. Short Sharp Shocked
  3. Captain Swing
  4. Arkansas Traveler
  5. Kind Hearted Woman (1994 independent release)
  6. Artists Make Lousy Slaves (with Fiachna O'Braonain)
  7. Kind Hearted Woman (1996 release on Private Music, yes the tracks are different recordings from the 1994 release)
  8. Mercury Poise: 1988-1995 (Greatest Hits collection released solely to fulfill a contractual obligation)
  9. Good News (With the Annointed Earls, Independent Release)
  10. Dub Natural (Independent Release)
A new album, Deep Natural, is supposed to be released Winter 2001/2002. It's even supposed to have a major label behind it, or at least some modest distribution.

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