At first I couldn't fall asleep, I don't know why, I was just restless. So when I did finally fall asleep it was one of those half sleep and awake things. I was laying on my side and thinking that I was writing on E2 at the same time, like recording the gibberish that was going through my head and what I was saying in my dream. I'm serious this was true gibberish, I was aware of the gibberish but I can't remember now. I eventually awoke from that weird dream, I don't know if it's a dream or not but I don't know.

Okay, so I eventually did fall asleep and this time the dream was taking place in my little sister's elementary school. My mom told me to go pick her up because it was her last day at school but she was getting pictures done. Well when I was there I was looking for my little sister, I couldn't find her and I was getting annoyed because I hate going to pick up my sister from her school. She is obsessed with the playground and won't leave it when you tell her it's time to go. Well I finally see her and she's running into a classroom, so I go towards there and there's these 2 little grade 7 boys who think they're all that guarding the room. I ask them when the pictures will be starting but they tell me it will be ending for them at about 4:45pm. I ask if I can go in and they won't let me, and they still don't tell me what time the pictures are starting. I got pissed off and was like, whatever, you suck, I can fly!

So I go off and fly around in the sky for a while as people look up when I pass over them. Luckily this time there aren't any people trying to shoot me down like in my other dream. Well I see two people I know and I land. They comment on how I'm still flying and I'm like yup! Their power or something is an incredible gaydar and I follow them around while they point people out and we start hitting on them. It was funny. Eventually that dream ended and I never picked up my sister. Another dream kind of just started right after that one though.

This involves South Park, the cartoon. Coincidentally that's the name of the Elementary school I went to, and the one that my little sister goes to. Well This dream relates to the episode I watched right before I went to sleep. When the kids go to the Jewbilee. Well it kind of takes off on the part where the pimply guy scout is leading the little squirts, but the role of the pimply guy scout is replaced by an elderly mage and the little kids have the ability to inflate themselves. My dog was in the dream as the bear that snatches them away. Well the old mage guy was leading the kids through a maze full wooden suspension bridges over swampy waters. The problem was the kids kept falling in and he wouldn't notice so the kids would try to inflate themselves one at a time and hang on to each other so they wouldn't drown. He only noticed that they were in the water when he was at the final bridge that connected to land and started fishing the kids out with his cane. When he finished fishing them out there was about 3 missing and he was like oh well. And I was thinking in my head, hmmmm that means I don't have to feed Jude (my dog) tonight because she'll be full of children. And then I wake up with the gardeners and their lawnmowers in my backyard and my sister screaming to my dog to get into the house because it's raining.