This is my deadline for moving out of my girlfriend's house. On this day, my dad is going to be living in Phoenix, Arizona-- working at his new CostCo. This means my stuff needs a new place to live,... and I need to move out to preserve my relationship with her. Time to call some roomate listings in The Stranger. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm looking to live in a large house with a lot of progressive, cool, young people in the University District here in Seattle for around $300 per month.

Wait a second, I have a DSL! I can node and talk on the phone at the same time... Here are my top 2 ads, as of 1 pm:

U-DISTRICT HOUSE NEEDS roomy for bmt. room.
Must be respon., considerate. Seeking:artists, book-
worms, techies. M/F. $300/mo. 1st, last. $150 dep. No
more pets. (phone number)

UDISTRICT ROOM AVAIL in 6 person house. 15 min.
walk to UW, near Ravenna Park. Garden space, bike rm.
study. NS/NP. $269mo/$100 dep/last. Avail 6/1. Joe
(phone number)

To be appended...
It's my Birthday!

On this day I celebrate my 23rd revolution around the Sun!

Managed to get this day AND the next day off of work... Will let you know how the pah-tay went!

BTW, Brodo, as a fellow Seattlite (Actually, a Tacoman, but what's the diff???) here is my advice to you:
If you are the quite and peaceful type, go with the first ad. Looks a little more pricey but definitely looks like that person's looking for someone quiet...
As for the second ad, do that if you want to ruin your relationship with your girlfriend, because you know that that is a UW party house, you will be doing a lot of partying and this will piss off most women. But if you are less the quiet type and more the partyer, and your g/f is the type not to get pissed if you party a lot, go with the second one (I'd go with the first ;)

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DMan is running quite fine over the measly dialup lines from Shanghai, just as I am, from Klang. I am sure he longs for an always on connection, as I do. I am glad to see Saige has recovered from her moving ordeal, and back noding/voting with a vengeance.

Nodes to node

The weather is super (first sunny day in more than a week) and I'm having the day off! H and J are both in town and I'm headed down to HumlegÄrden nothing. Just sit in the sun and... do nothing.

John and JeZe came down to Stockholm for interviews, it seems like they will be joining the trainee program here at Intentia this fall. We are considering sharing a flat, but it seems as if housing prices don't scale too well - reasonably-sized apartments within reasonable commuting distance start at ~100K$, and neither John nor JeZe have much capital.

Got a mail from CDNOW: Most of my order has been shipped. I expect the package to arrive in 1-2 weeks.

Today's Soundtrack: Apollo 440 - Lost in Space


The First Month of the Summer. As the infrequent thunderstorms pound the earth with great ferocity, the children come out with the sun, and play out in the parks, lakes, pools, and backyard grills of the world. Children, innocent of Nationalist Pride or World Conflict, unafaraid and blissfully ignorant of our upcoming war with china and Religious Persecution in eastern europe or Racism in Africa.

It's not dangerous to mistake Children for Little Angels

The day I got dumped by my girlfriend, reiterating my previous feeling that long distance relationships don't work. We sat and talked online (maybe because saying things on IRC is much easier than saying them on the phone), and she talked about her newly found boyfriend. We ended up confessing to each other about every time we cheated in our relationship, things we had never told each other before. Funny, I believed she had been faithful, and she thought the same of me. It leaves me with a sad and bitter feeling, but although I was the dumpee, I feel relieved. Maybe it's just a mental block that will go away with time, and I will start crying tomorrow. Which would really suck, because I have to go to work.


i haven't eaten yet, and i really should... otherwise i'll find myself forgetting about dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow and it'll spiral down.

my sister, her husband, my boyfriend, and i are heading to my moms house tomorrow morning. i am very excited. we will have fun. i love my mom, i love my sister, i love her husband, and i love my boyfriend. we will go swimming, shooting, hiking, and other fun stuff.

unfortunately, i had promised my mother i would find a spare-parts computer for a neighbour of hers. they're not well off, and have been looking forward to this for months. i (or course) put off finding a working computer until today. and it didn't work. i had to fight extensively with it. it left me horribly scarred. i'm in a much better mood now that it is working than i was when it was being a vile heap of crap.

more later. maybe.

I'm in Flagstaff, see Wintersweet's I-40 Road Trip. Hooking up to the Net from here was a pain in the neck, and the clue-negative desk people claimed it wasn't even possible. However, I managed to dissect the telephone in the room so that I can. Take that. My lips are so dry up here...I'm not used to the lack of humidity! So I'm wearing moisturizing lipstick. Other than that the trip's been a very grungy sort of affair. I miss everybody, am tired, didn't get to see the person or two I thought I'd visit along the way, and don't know what's waiting for me at the other end. But, I'm doing okay. I like driving even when it's a long boring trip. I think I could drive anywhere. Don't know where I got that from, certainly no one in my family feels that way. of course, it'd be better if I had a motorcycle. hee.

So today I fainted at a restaurant.

I'm in perfectly good health aside from just a touch of hay fever. I blew my nose too hard and started a rather nasty nosebleed. That - coupled with the extreme stress of the failing company and the fact that I did not sleep last night - caused me to go all light in the head.

I managed to get to the counter and pay for a bottle of snapple (hey, I hate the stuff too - but high fructose corn syrup coupled with cool liquid seemed a good idea at the time) but the last thing I remember is saying "Keep the change..."

Then I'm on the floor. And my head hurts. And two very nice Asian people are hovering about extremely concerned. Luckily this is a restaurant (Toshi's Teriyaki near Alderwood Mall) where I eat often and I know the people who work there. It was mortally embarassing. Once I came to, they helped me up and put some vaseline and a band-aid on my forehead. I was still out of it and didn't think to wonder about why I needed a band-aid.

Back at the office I noticed the angry purple knot of flesh above my right eye and the bright red one-inch gash running across it. Not pretty.

Ah well - the people at Toshi's are way nice. They even gave me an egg and said if I rubbed the egg on the bump it wouldn't swell up so bad. I didn't do it, but they were sure nice to offer.

It looks like I'm going to stay in tonight and have an affair with my antiseptic. Rats. I wanted to go out tonight... but I'm rather self-conscious about looking damaged. I told my roommate I lost a fight with the floor. Actually, I fancy I look rather roguish ... dangerous even.

/me snickers

A side note is that when drops of blood hit steamed white rice, they stain it the most brilliant color of red. It's intense. Brighter than you would think.

There's a lightning storm tonight in vancouver. Normally I'd say thunderstorm, but it's right here, I see blue flashes outside my window, it's crazy. And it's quiet. I see the lightning but hear the thunder minutes later, probably from other places in the city. Is it like the chestnut about gunfire? You never hear the one that gets you? It's cool. White, blue.. gone.

The elevator in my apartment building echoes if you sing in it. And to think I might never have known..

I was given a bouquet of herbs tonight from the lead alto's garden. (lots of green, mm, with two flowers, chives that had gone to flower) Sage, oregano, two kinds of mint, chives, rosemary, basil. Smells heavenly. What a good idea.. lovely as flowers, and no pollen leaping up my nose.

Hee, I just wrote node automatically instead of nose, as I'd intended.

There's a riiiiiver in Judea...

tabnet's back up. I'm not sure if I'm pleased or not, but there it is.

Well today was Erismas for me. Presents across the board. The ReplayTV I got for my wife finally got here from those bastards at I'll put together a node on it once it is all setup and all. It looks cool, but it is useless if you don't have the standard cable for the area you live in. But I'm working that part out. Their service line is really good.

For me I got my doghouse bass out of the shop with a brand new bridge installed. It is really amazing how much a 5 by 5 inch piece of wood changes the way a 6 foot tall upright bass plays. It was so sweet I almost couldn't stop playing it.

The last gift was a for me and my wife gift. It was the last present for her birthday, but I have to admit that it is as much for me as it was for her. I got the playstation game "The Misadventures of Tron Bonne." It was the only thing that could drag me from my bass. I have to admit that I'm really impressed so far.

Not bad at all for a Thursday.

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