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Only constant thing is a change of everything
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Dream Log: February 13, 2004
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  • Born: 1976 in Finland - obs! turned 10 when Chernobyl exploded..
  • Expected day of death: 27 Oct 2076
  • Gender: male, however the gender test ( said I'm neutral..
  • Email:
Do not hesitate to contact. That's why the email address is here. Remember to /msg too.
Voting philosophy
  1. neat factual nodes
  2. interesting points of view
  3. those who drop me rolling on the floor laughing
  1. factual nodes with sufficient amount of information
  2. different viewpoints
  3. interesting dream and day logs
  4. funny ones
  1. factual nodes with too little or false information
  2. jokes that are not funny
  3. boresome nodes

Nodes I may need to refer to more often than usual. Nodes I haven't yet read through or nodes I should pay more attention to. Also the nodes I recommend for reading.

Some fellow noders I've found enjoyable to read:

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