I came into possession of a machine. It had no name that I knew of, it was a large machine, a shape and size reminiscent of those big Cray supercomputers from the early nineties, about the size of a middlish bathroom and cylindrical.

This machine was like a drug. One would walk inside the machine and remain there, trapped in what resembled paroxysms of electrocution. It had the same property as electrocution in that it held you there, unyielding to any escape you might try. But occupants of this machine would not try to escape, I saw occupants just stay there, being held by this machine. I remember seeing the consequences in the people who entered the machine, a broken person. One day, I entered the machine myself, by accident. I remember this incredible feeling of sadness. An inescapable sorrow, being held and saddened by this machine and it's needless bonds of quasi-electric paralysis. The feeling in this machine was like taking sadness to the level of sleep, being enveloped by it. it was as though sadness slept inside me, and became me. I awoke what seemed days later with an ache in my entire soul in my own bed, as I had seen others awake in their own beds. Each of them knew this sadness and the sorrow that the machine brought them, but some kept going back to it, as though it were a buzz for them, the extremity of sadness shook their beings and they wanted more.

I knew I didn't want more, but as I remember in the dream, I walked into the machine at least once, willingly...

I was back in Goa again and we were watching the most beautiful sunset ever with an older Finnish man who took a trip to India at the very same time as I did in real life too. The sea was bathed in golden light - boy, how brilliant that was. There were only few people on the beach and I was listening to the man evenly telling his jokes.

Suddenly several water cannons rised up from the sea near the beach. In every 5 meters there was a water cannon; a steely battery continuing alongside the whole coast and that was a lot of cannons there! I really wondered what was the purpose of these cannons. They started to spray water towards the sea and the older man told me they somehow prevented the damages of high tide and I was pleased with the answer.

For a while I admired the great invention in work but suddenly I noticed a girl near us and for great surprise and delight it was Fatima! I didn't have a clue why she was here but that wasn't the question in mind at the moment because I became so happy. I run to her and bent over to hug her and give a French kiss but I was surprised again: It wasn't a French kiss on a cheek she gave but nice wee one straight on the lips! If I was happy before, now I was three times happier but I also wondered what was going on. My hands on her shoulders I took a look at her face to get to know where the wind is blowing from and she gave me a cute smile back. There wasn't need for the words and my happiness just skyrocketed .. but then I noticed it wasn't Fatima's face. Or actually it was but it was different. It was more roundish than it used to be and she was wearing glasses too. I'm not sure if this perception shattered my happiness at all but sure it did confused me, more than a bit...

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