I had been running for a quite a bit of time and because my shorts are made of net-like material they rubbed my penis in non-pleasant way thus making it sore. I didn't like that at all and thus I decided to do something about it. Because buying new shorts is always risky - they may have same or some other problems - I decided to modify them a bit.

I have gloves that feel very good in my hands and they are also badly worn out and therefore they can be sacrificed for shorts-implants. I took scissors and cut suitable bits from the gloves and I attached them inside the shorts.

The shorts seems to nice now but then I start to worry about the gloves a bit. I put one in my left hand and I stare the torn glove. I turn my hand around and quietly look at it like being drugged. It gives me so many ideas, like it's the glove that inholds the whole idea of life.

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