This dream was very disturbing because there's quite a bit of truth in it...:

I met my friend Leena in the city centre. I haven't seen her for quite a long time. Without hesitation she said, tears in her eyes, that she wanted to make love. I was into it, not for fuck's sake but because I wanted to live with her the rest of my life or at least to have a long term relationship.

In some point on the way my cock slipped out of the condom. The condom flew to the sky trickling odd drop of my semen. (I had already ejaculated but kept on going..) Leena had a friendly but bit sarcastic laugh. She said there's no trouble pointing out on the sky. The scene was very absurd since there was a huge, about 150 meters long giant condom (filled with air) on the sky and numerous amount of standard size used condoms flew towards it. The giant condom took some animal form and ate all the condoms surrounding it. Somehow I knew there was no AIDS anymore on the planet Earth...

I believe the following dream is a direct result of a night's worth of reading about drugs at everything (Essential Psychedelic Guide, DXM, etc) and various other websites (Erowid).
Most of my extended paternal family is gathered in a strange split-level home that I have never been in before. This is my grandma's house, and we are all gathered here for my cousin's birthday. My cousin lives with my grandma, and in this dream is a huge drug dealer.

I go down to the suspiciously large lower level to find my brother, on the computer, playing what he claims to be the Diablo II Expansion Pack. However, it is obviously not Diablo II. On-screen, both his avatar and his opponent look like clay figures. He fights with the opponent in what is probably the most BAD ASS kung fu sequence ever envisioned. It is incredibly fast and intricate. Mindblowingly fast. I have never been so amazed. I then learn that he is using cheat codes to speed the game up and am crushed to learn it would never be that badass in the actual game.

I go upstairs and have a kind of flashback. I remember that I am dear friends with an old man who also happens to be a hilariously huge drug user (for an old man). I remember that he is going to show up today, give me some money, and then I am going to buy some drugs from my cousin for him. It's better business that way.

I go outside to look for him. My childhood best friend's older sisters show up, who are hot, and walk inside without a glance at me. The old man is suddenly there with his cane. He looks just like an old man that used to frequently come in the restaurant where I used to work. We hug. He shows me a check (who pays for drugs with a check?) with some amount of money and tells me to buy him two things, which I immediately forget. I am about to go inside to try and buy the drugs anyways, but I wake up.
Along a sandy path, we go walking. On our left the ocean waves to us, on our right farmlandscape rises in the East.

The Sun burns a crown through the cloud crowd.

A long sinuous path bordering beach and farm, my hand and hers, left and right. Edible mushrooms appear, neatly lining the field's edge like picket fencing as we two Fishes swim past. With her amanita fingers, Robin picks the most delicious of the little friends and puts them in her wicker basket.

Don't wipe the dirt from your hand--
meet mine here with the life lines matched.
Between amanita fingers:
let this garden grow.

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