In this dream everything is pretty much mixed up. There seemed to be 3-4 different dream themes running parallel..

I was walking in England and I was supposed to start running soon. However, there were many people with dogs without leashes and I was bit cautious. A man on the other side of small river unleashes his dogs and they swim across the river. For no reason other one of them runs towards me and jumps: I rise my hand to protect myself and the dog bites me. It doesn't hurt because I have a leather jacket and it's more like a jaw lock than a real biting.
But I'm stucked. I start shouting that someone please help me but no one notices. There's no reaction at all and I start to get frustrated.

Finally the owner of the dog arrives. (I think he had to cross the river by a bridge and that's why it took time.) He tells his dog to stop it and the dog does as it is told.
I'm very pissed off and I start to swear in Finnish. Then I swear in English and I insult him. He totally ignores me and that makes me even more angry. I crab a wooden stick from the ground and I really want to hit him on the face. I make threatening gestures.

My parents come to ask me if I come Christmas parties. There is a party in the former house of my grandpa. I walk away with them.

The party is hosted by Gaelle, a French girl. She has a new haircut and I think it makes her look like, hmm, "sexually active". Her hair is short but some longer hairs come down alongside her cheeks. She looks more like Celie, another French girl or T-Boz from TLC.

I go upstairs to take of my worn jacket. The upstairs, it is full of people. Some of them are watching tv and some are sleeping in the bunk beds. I try to find space and I make some space in one bed.
I want to sleep but my parents ask me to come down. It's a really crazy party -- people don't care about anything, they just do what they feel like, hedonistically.

There's a toilet bowl in the middle of the kitchen and it seems to be very interesting for me. It makes me wonder what the hell a toilet bowl does here. First I thought that it's here temporarily only but the further investigation reveals that it really is properly installed. It's like an acid trip. I can see sewers down there and everything. Wov!

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