It was time for my grandpa's funeral. After burying him all guests gathered to have a meal and mourn (in this order) at his house. However, there were only few relatives and the guests consisted mostly of rappers. It was like they would have been grandpa's friends! There were even some famous/notorious ones like Nas, Puff Daddy, Chuck D and probably Ice Cube. Rest of them I didn't know but the house was full of them, maybe two dozens or so. They were gangstas mostly.

I started to play football inside with someone. I knew the guy who I was playing with but I couldn't remember his name. However, he was much younger than me and I wanted to play with him because he was bored to death.
Our ball wasn't so good: It was leaking a bit and it was damn dirty. We didn't mind and the half empty football suited us fine. But there was one disadvantage: It was harder to control. Puff Daddy was eating next to us with one of his homies and the table in front of them was very low. Then the inevitable happened: I kicked the ball and it rolled over Puff Daddy's plate. He was damn angry and for a moment I thought he will shoot me or at least give a good beating. But he knew who I was i.e. the grandson of buried man and therefore he had to keep it cool. He had to respect my grandpa.

So, I just picked up the ball near him sneering stupidly. However, I didn't want to be in the same room anymore and I went downstairs. I continued straight away to the basement to check it out and to get out. (There are three different exits from the basement: Two of them take you outside to the yard and one back downstairs.)
Then I heard the sound of steps from the stairs and I took a glance: It was Puff Daddy again but he wasn't after me. It seemed like he had something important to do down here. I realized that he would be really pissed off if he found me from here. He might think that I'm trying to snoop into his business. That's why I quietly tried to sneak out of the basement..

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