I was in Strasburg with Fatima and Gaëlle. We were walking along the streets when a theft happened in a store we were just passing by. There were some authorities who ordered all the people nearby, including us, to stand still and soon they asked us to form a row so that they could catch the thief.

There was quite a lot of hassle going on and we were very pissed that we got involved. We didn't want to waste our time on this although the happening seemed somewhatta interesting in the very beginning. We decided to dodge away.

The authorities commanded the row to move on clockwise and we noticed that this is our chance. Fatima jumped into a bus that was just slowly passing by but me and Gaëlle didn't managed to do it in time. Therefore I stuffed my hands into my pockets and gestured like I was just walking through the street. I whispered that if anyone asked us to stay or made any questions it would be me who should handle the talking since I didn't speak French. I thought that I would pretend that I spoke only extremely poor English and I had a line ready: "We go big church. Bonjour!" Gaëlle agreed but nothing like that was needed because we succeeded to get out of it without difficulty.

We had walked for something like four minutes already when Fatima caught us up but Gaëlle didn't notice her and kept walking. I chatted a bit with Fati but soon she became worried that Gaëlle would be lost and she run after her. I shrugged and started to walk into the same direction without hurry. However, soon I was interrupted again when I felt a hand on my shoulder and I thought for a second that now they caught me. I turned around hearing a familiar voice: It's my Finnish friend Korma! I'm very surprised but happy to see him here. Then also Fati and Gaëlle arrive again but they seem to have a minor argument going on. It's nothing serious and I just laugh forgetting to introduce them to Korma; although it seems like he guessed who they are. The girls keep walking back down to the street where everything started and I follow them with Korma. Then I don't believe my eyes as I see Koskelin sitting on the street, looking like he was an unemployed French or something; just like this very street would be his home. Korma isn't that surprised to see him here and actually he seems to have an explanation ready.

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