Strong dreams all night..but this part stood out. Sometimes something happens in a dream, and my subconscious seems to tell me "Remember's important". When that happens, I can usually figure out the meaning pretty easily, but this one.....I dunno.

I'm hiking on Table Rock near Medford, Oregon with my cousin Diana. I think it was her...I'm not completely was someone tall, very blonde and very capable, as I felt like the younger of the party. I look up at the sky and see what looks like a cupcake flying along. I point it out to her, and sure's a vanilla cupcake with cherry frosting and it seems to be racing across the sky at an incredible speed. It must be a really HUGE cupcake as it's way up and we can see it clearly. Anyway...somehow we realize that this cupcake is a UFO and we follow it with our eyes until it stops over the top of a military base across the valley where it turns into a futuristic dark colored helicopter.

Hmmmmm the meaning of this vignette? That's a tough one. Table Rock is a really cool mesa that I used to live near. It was supposedly sacred to the Indians living near it, but I was never tempted to hike it, although I hiked most of the trails in the area. It probably represents somewhere that I don't really want to be...somewhere where I don't feel particularly safe. The tall blonde person that I felt semi-protected by...I'm not sure what this part means...maybe that I'm beginning to trust someone, beginning to let myself be protected by someone in my life. The cupcake? Sheesh...what could be more harmless, more innocuous than a vanilla cupcake with cherry frosting? Something completely pure, untouched, un-corrupted would be what that would represent to me. It turning into a dark machine of war? I'm not sure what that means. Maybe I'm afraid that something good in my life will turn out to be bad? Strangely, the helicopter in my dream didn't threaten me....It was my general feeling that the helicopter was on my side. I think that behind something in my life that is fluffy and warm and wonderful is a lot of power and protection. That pink cloud is hiding a very powerful defensive weapon.

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