Our family was in a supermarket. It felt like we didn't have any particular products to buy but we were just walking around the store. I was shocked by the prices of Legos.
- Look at these prices! The cheapest one is ... aw .. 30, I was wondering. That's a lot even in marks, but euros.. No way!
- And think how many of those i had to buy for you boys, a bitter sweet remark by Dad.
- No one made you to.

A shopkeeper heard our conversation and gave a bad eye. Also Mum, who just sat behind us, heard our wee debate and tried to cheer me up:
- Aye, youse want something?
- A candy would do.
- Here you go, have two. There's cordials.
- Thanks.

But it wasn't enough, they wanted to have some fun on my expense. Mum started ranting, joined by Dad and wee borther Tero, about my lousy wish:
- You wanted a candy while you could have had your million. Isn't that what youse wanted!?
- Aye, but..
- No buts! My wee boy wants candy..
- Youse really some bloody moron.
- I didn't hear her properly..
- Hah hah "I didn't her.." You could have had anything..

Next, I was beating the dirt out of my t-shirt. It had some big holes and was badly worn out. Dad insisted me to throw it away but I told him it will have some use.

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