I was part of some sort of very hierarchical organization. It reminded me of an army because we were outside dressed in something that looked like uniforms but they were rather jogging suits. However, it wasn't army, I just knew. We were waiting for something outside and in the meantime I took short spurts. It made my ass and right hamstring hurt. Nothing serious but too much tension there. Anyway, I wanted to report the problem and there was Jackie Chan there! He was some sort of leader of ours. He listened to me and considering this for a second he advised me to refer the matter to an old man, some sort of guru. Well, the bearded guru knew the solution awright: I needed a gnome earring! So, he took a drilling machine(!) and drilled a hole right through my left ear. It didn't hurt the slightest but there was a big hole, 4 mm diameter, in my ear. Next he took a gnome key chain which was supposed to go for an earring.

Wakey, wakey...

First fragment was about a game with RPG properties, beginning from creating a character. In the game, I chose a short human form (to save character points for more usefull properties), and got armed with lots of weapons, including shotgun and a blue sniper rifle which was constructed around a metal glove.

In the second fragment there were small Mech-like vechiles, about the size of a moped-car with thick legs.

In the longest fragment I had heard of a secret treasure hidden on one sofa, and when I climbed on the headrest, I found a green monitor with keyboard. I typed in the code "_ST4RS" and got few A4's full of advertisements about interesting magazine. They had something about arm wrestling, but what got me interested was the furry content, which someone else wanted to see too. I borrowed the stack of papers to him and though he obviously wasnt a furry, he keenly looked through them, laughing a bit at every girl having sort of "irish juggs", which sounded nice as it seemed irish juggs were big. I turned back to the monitor and pushed the Print button, after which I heard the promising sound of a printer activating someway from me. I walked to it, but it had printed only a paper full of train tickets. I tried several times, but each time got only train tickets instead of the magazine.

I haven't had a dream about her in a long time.

I still miss Katy, and I have a feeling I always will.

The dream I had last night was set in an average college lecture hall, except it was filled with a great number of the people I graduated high school with. I usally don't dream about them - in particular, a lot of the people I dreamt of last night I don't remember ever dreaming of before. So, there we are, in the lecture hall, and I turned around and said something to her, and playfully suggested that she give me a hug.

She did.

Never before has my dream obeyed me so perfectly.

She wouldn't even do that when we were dating.

She was wearing a tan shirt, and her beautiful long brown hair was flowing over her downy cheeks, which were markedly accented by her diminutive mole.

I still miss Katy, and I think I always will. Maybe she reads e2, and maybe she will find this - or maybe one of her friends at Columbia will. I don't know. Probably not. But, I have to hope that one day she will discover that I had always been, and will always be, perfectly sincere with her. If that is all, that would be enough.

It was nighttime and I was lying on the grass, staring at the sky. I noticed that the moon was looking slightly larger than normal. I remembered the night that my mother and I saw the harvest moon outside a strip mall late at night when I was twelve. If I took a half-dollar in my hand and held it towards the sky so it covered the moon, I'd still see a ring of orange around its silver edges. As I was remembering this, I noticed the moon getting bigger and bigger. I realized that it wasn't just getting bigger, but that it was hurtling towards Earth. It was bright white and full of craters and soon it was so close it filled the sky.

I became terrified, and jumped to my feet, staring at the all-white sky and wondering if this was the end of the world. I ran away from the moon, but it didn't get any smaller until I reached a farmhouse where a shocked young boy was watching from his bedroom window. The moon rose higher and came flying towards the earth, shrinking in size as it did. It was headed straight for the boy's window, and by the time it reached him it was merely a white paper moon on a string, hanging from an invisible source in the sky. The boy smiled, cut the string and brought the moon inside his bedroom. I quietly walked home.

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