I haven't had a dream about her in a long time.

I still miss Katy, and I have a feeling I always will.

The dream I had last night was set in an average college lecture hall, except it was filled with a great number of the people I graduated high school with. I usally don't dream about them - in particular, a lot of the people I dreamt of last night I don't remember ever dreaming of before. So, there we are, in the lecture hall, and I turned around and said something to her, and playfully suggested that she give me a hug.

She did.

Never before has my dream obeyed me so perfectly.

She wouldn't even do that when we were dating.

She was wearing a tan shirt, and her beautiful long brown hair was flowing over her downy cheeks, which were markedly accented by her diminutive mole.

I still miss Katy, and I think I always will. Maybe she reads e2, and maybe she will find this - or maybe one of her friends at Columbia will. I don't know. Probably not. But, I have to hope that one day she will discover that I had always been, and will always be, perfectly sincere with her. If that is all, that would be enough.