The end of a dream a day or so ago, sticking with me since it seems somewhat parabolic, variant on the typical flying theme.

I'm walking along the side of a long wide queue of people walking toward the exit of someplace like the well restored Grand Central or the poorly done Penn Station. I'm in a dominican nuns habit and one or more suits (not empty) are also walking besides me out of line.

Both I and the suit(s) levitate off the ground and go horizontal headed for the art deco doors. After negotiating the doors we go to an elevation of about 60 feet and head up the urban canyon. The flight is effortless and without an apparent power source.

Having gone some distance, we pass a series of high tension wires at first apparently without difficulty. Quite some ways past them I look at my hand and see that is badly charred. Not just burned but charcoalized with the palm and insides of the fingers completely gone.

At first I try to minimize the damage or think if, this being a dream, this "reality" can't be retracted. It can't though, and also I notice the suits have (apparently) been unscathed and are aware of my injury and at this point I wake up.

I dreamt - we walked along the garden path your eyes of indigo blue and dark blonde hair. You are perfect. Our souls touched our hearts leapt we were happy

I dreamt - and as I watched you there beside me you began to shrink - when you stopped you were only three and a half feet tall and I still loved you madly. Any size you wanted to be was just right for me.

I dreamt - I found you in the hospital you had just come back from a long battle. You had no arms and no legs and your faced looked worried. I climbed up next to you on the bed, swore I would take care of you forever. Nothing so trivial as this would stand in our way and we went home smiling.

I dreamt - I found you at a job I didn't know you had. You were an international assassin. You never told me because of how I felt about some things like killing. I looked at you and realized that nothing had changed. This could not stop my loving you and I loved you still.

I dreamt - I walked into a room, a bedroom belonging to someone else. I saw you in the throws of physically loving another woman. I watched and heard her moans and screams of pleasure and sighs of ecstasy. I smiled because you my love were happy as you enjoyed this earthly pleasure. I smiled because I realized that you really were good and that my judgment wasn't tainted by my feelings. I smiled and watched for a moment more and left satisfied that our love was unconditional.

I dreamt - that there was a horrible accident and you had suffered greatly ... my heart was gauged with pain as I waited to know you were ok. Your face was mangled and burned as well as a portion of your body. You would need great care as you recovered and the pain would make it difficult. I asked you how you felt and you cracked a half smile as I whispered to you, "you know you just keep getting more and more handsome every year. I can't wait 'til I can lie in your arms and make love with you like I did that first time and every time since.

I dreamt - that I was a prisoner and you were to be my executioner. "I can not stop this." You whispered in my ear. "It's ok," I replied. "We all have our jobs to do and this is yours. This will not make me stop loving you." You looked at me sadly as I continued, "I told you I would love you forever without conditions." You nodded as tied my hands behind my back. "So know this my soul mate I love you still." I finished watching you place the hood over my head before I heard your footsteps on the dusty ground returning to the firing squad. I was glad you were there. I knew you were a marksman of exceptional expertise and I would be gone before I heard the shot.

I dreamt - I lay beside you and watched the cancer eat away at you in a leper-like frenzy so that by the end of the dream there was hardly anything left to hold. You lay beside me and in your last breaths you whispered. "I can't stop this my love it is time to go. " I began to scream that I wanted you to stay even though I knew you couldn't. I told you and the world that I couldn't imagine losing your soul it had been next to mine for so long that I would be lost without it. You smiled and held me tightly as you brushed the hair from my face. "Unconditional love goes beyond those boundaries we call life, my love. We, you and I, are forever no matter what form we take."

I woke up from that dream clutching you tightly. Your body lifeless and still lay wrapped in mine, the cancer having claimed victory on your flesh but not your soul. My heart was heavy with sadness but around me I still felt the warmth of your essence. I kissed you gently pledging my unconditional love.


I was so hoping to post this yesterday (but was out of town). It was written for a wonderful friend who has felt and is still feeling the effects of 'that' day (and other days) through the course of taking care of my freedom. Wish I could thank each of those who have been taking care of my freedoms all these years - they are my hereos.

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