A large robotic vehicle, usualy of roughly humanoid apearance. Mechs are larger than exoskeletons with the pilot(s) usualy in a cockpit in the head, or torso for smaller mechs. Mechs have been sighted in Battletech and Mechwarrior&(BattleMech, OmniMech), Heavy Gear, Star Wars(AT-ST,AT-AT,AT-MT), Pat Labour and lots of other anime.

An Americanization of the word "mecha", which is itself a Japanese-ification of the word "mechanical". A mech, or 'mech, or mecha is basically the same thing as a giant robot, with the exception that a mech is almost always piloted. In other words, it is a large mechanical vehicle of (sometimes very vaguely) humanoid form.

Besides the examples Hai-Etlik gives, I would point out that Macross, Neon Genesis Evangelion, The Vision of Escaflowne, and Gunbuster, among many others, also feature mecha.

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