We were watching France-Spain football World Cup game in France. France had several good chances to score but it was Spain that went ahead 1-0 after a corner. The crowd went silent.

We left the stadium because we had to get to some other place in time. However, outside the stadium it wasn't France but Poland we were in. I remembered where the bus stop was - not yet this street but we had to take the bus from the avenue. Here was a prison for women and the neighbourhood wasn't that safe at all. We walked to the bus stop - I was now with two guys and one ponytailed blonde (unusual in Poland, at least in Poland of my dream) girl with a big but very beautiful nose; some of our friends wanted to stay at the stadium. (I don't know any of those "friends" in real life.)

I wasn't so sure which bus we were supposed to take. A bus number 17 was approaching and it was very modern small bus with 7 seats. Meanwhile I was listening to two Finns in a car next to me, waiting for the green light. I should have asked for a lift but I didn't manage to.

Then there were three Finnish, a mother and her two sons, with their bikes going to the city centre. Somehow they knew I was a Finn too and the younger kid started to speak something about a medical conference here in Poland he participated in! I was really surprised that wee kid like that would take part in something like that. He made some questions about difficulties with dreadlocks. I didn't hear him and I asked him to repeat but I missed most of it this time too. I didn't care anymore and I just said I dunno cuz I'm not a specialist or anything.. The kid looked surprised and probably he was thinking I wasn't speaking the truth but now they had to continue. I said goodbyes and then I was almost hit by an ambulance! I didn't understand at all why it had to drive over the island for pedestrians - it really looked like it tried to hurt us!

Due to all this hassle we had missed the bus and I had some money for the ticket in my hand even though I didn't have any idea of prices nor the value of coins. I was dreaming about the advantages of serial ticket and how old ticket machines of TKL (Tampere bus service) would be just perfect around here.
Before the game I had bought a bread and some cheese from a small store but they had asked far too much money for them. They had cost me 50 local currency units (however, it wasn't zloty in my dream) and that was something like ten times too much. In the shop they tried to hid the trick giving me couple of slices cheese for free. I wasn't vexed by the financial loss because it wasn't that much for me but by the principal question of the visibility of prices - only few of items in stores had a price tag.

The guys prepared to leave the bus stop and the blonde said it would be a long wait now here. I asked how long walk it would be but the blonde mumbled something totally different as a response. I repeated the question because I wasn't sure if she understood the question since neither of us was talking native language but English. The very same pattern of her response was repeated and I was beginning to understand that it was some screwed cultural question that she couldn't give me a sufficient answer for the question. I wanted to repeat the question or ask her to confirm my theory but I didn't was ashamed to...

I don't remember specifically where but I was a waiter in some restaurant. I think I might even have been the owner of the place. It was absolutely comfortable, and romantic. It was simply one table, two chairs, two candles. I knew it was a restaurant because there was a window facing the street, like those ones from Italian Restaurants. Anyways, this incredibly dazzling woman comes in and I immediately greet her. We chitter chatter for a little while and off I go to the kitchen.

I start chopping up the vegetables for the salad, which I found weird enough as it is as I eat as little vegetables as possible. Then all of a sudden, I start breaking down into tears, and start babbling to myself about how I won't finish in time and how she won't love the food and she'll hate me. For reasons unknown, I run into the walk-in freezer, start beating on a hunk of beef (a-la Rocky Balboa) to take out the aggression.

Finally, after what seemed like an infinity, I walked out, only to hear her humming a beautiful tune. I followed it closer. I blinked and then she was gone. I sat there, staring at the candle, and in a gust of wind, the fire flared and I woke up. I woke up grasping my blanket. Freaky. I hope it simply means I can't cook.

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