I don't remember specifically where but I was a waiter in some restaurant. I think I might even have been the owner of the place. It was absolutely comfortable, and romantic. It was simply one table, two chairs, two candles. I knew it was a restaurant because there was a window facing the street, like those ones from Italian Restaurants. Anyways, this incredibly dazzling woman comes in and I immediately greet her. We chitter chatter for a little while and off I go to the kitchen.

I start chopping up the vegetables for the salad, which I found weird enough as it is as I eat as little vegetables as possible. Then all of a sudden, I start breaking down into tears, and start babbling to myself about how I won't finish in time and how she won't love the food and she'll hate me. For reasons unknown, I run into the walk-in freezer, start beating on a hunk of beef (a-la Rocky Balboa) to take out the aggression.

Finally, after what seemed like an infinity, I walked out, only to hear her humming a beautiful tune. I followed it closer. I blinked and then she was gone. I sat there, staring at the candle, and in a gust of wind, the fire flared and I woke up. I woke up grasping my blanket. Freaky. I hope it simply means I can't cook.