I was cycling at seaside and for my surprise Verde joined me. He's an interesting fellow, seems a bit of introvert like me. We are in the same running club so it was a good idea to cycle with him. However, before the long we came to a small beach where were five people swimming. And the most interesting aspect was two ladies without any clothes. The footpath we were cycling ended and we had a cliff to climb. Especially Verde was really happy with this because he was really keen on the girl with big, round tits. As we climbed she came out of the water and I saw she wasn't that young at all, maybe in late 30's. I lost the most of my appetite and went to the clifftop. There was some kind of family meeting going on. The people swimming were only part of the whole crew. My bike disappeared but I didn't notice it because there were more beautiful girls to ogle. Two of them jumped into a pool; a pool that replaced the sea. Suddenly we were in a swimming hall. Walking along the pool I followed the girls. They were twins, they were barely 20, they had black hair and dark eyes and were sporty. No wonder I liked them a lot. I had lost Verde. Looking back I saw him among the people. Clearly, he hadn't any interest to leave. Therefore I followed the twins who were backstroking. Beautiful ... beau.. ... .

Let's try to analyze the dream a bit. So, first of all, here's some keywords:
Seaside – Approach to spirituality or life
Swimming pool – Spirituality is restricted
Twins – Medium / Channel
Seeing a cliff at the seashore: hidden dangers and unconscious anxieties make a decision difficult.
Climbing - pursuing certain goals and overcoming different problems
Riding a bike in a dream may suggest that you are the one who is in charge of your own destiny.

So it seems like this dream was mostly about my social life. I'm not really that close friend of Verde because we meet only when running is involved. Anyway, befriending him properly hints that I have some old friends that are very close to me and those friendships will be refreshed. However, I haven't find any inspirational way to communicate with them or, in general, with anybody and sometimes I feel like communication with people is simply waste of time. And it's true since (too) many times I think that most conversations are lacking a point, interest and the whole meaning. Afterwards I've felt like I'm being betrayed if a conversation is lacking intellect. Cycling along the seaside and climbing the cliff after I saw the lady being older than I first thought makes me think that I was about to overcome that problem of mine but there was no happy ending since the pool appeared. At this point I lost my bicycle too which means I lost the control of my life. I want the good old days back.. Maybe I just hate people..

An alternative explanation could be that I do like losing the control and I search for universally accepted patterns. The fact that I liked the twins in a pool indicates so.

I was walking with my father when I was bitten on the lower back by a rattlesnake. My father sucked the poison from the wound and spat it onto the ground. Fast forward - I was at my cousin John's wedding. He is only seventeen and was marrying his girlfriend of a few years, Diane. Everyone thought it was very strange that they were getting married so young. I spent most of the wedding away from John and Diane, dancing with the guests.

Everything was moving like waves and Steve Martin was there for some strange reason. I said, "Hi, Steve!" and we laughed at the fact that I called him by his first name.

I stepped away and noticed that there was a rattlesnake on the ground. I tried to get away, but it reached up and bit me on the lower back, the same place I was bitten before. My mom was there, but she refused to suck the poison out. She said, "The snake isn't poisonous. Nothing will happen to you." I began to feel very dizzy and wondered if she was wrong, or if I only felt that way because I expected to. I fainted.

When I came to I was lying on the ground in a dark, very smelly place. I had a very bad, disgusting feeling about it. As I sat up I heard a faint voice calling, "A rare sight.... pig eating another pig.... rattlesnake inside." I looked to my left and saw an enormous pig swallowing another, dead pig whole. Inside the live pig's huge mouth was an unnoticed rattlesnake. As the live pig swallowed the dead one, the rattlesnake oozed out of the back end of the big pig, cracking its body and killing it. The larger pig lay there dead with the other pig half swallowed. The rattlesnake advanced towards me and I ran. It jumped up so it was taller than me, flicked its tongue and bit me hard on the lower back. I fell.

This dream reminds me of another snake dream I had recently, where I was standing in the middle of a crater that was surrounded by trees. Every time I tried climbing out, one of the tree branches or cattails or blades of grass would turn into a python and chase me back into the pit. I was never able to escape.

I had a most weird dream last night, just before I woke up. It involved my having 50 pence pieces not minted in the UK. I had one from Norway, marked with a woman who looked like queen Victoria (of England) on the face, but she was spewing something from her mouth. I forget the markings on the reverse, beyond the fact that it said "Guaranteed by the Jews of <some city>" (in English, my first language). There was a coin from Canada (This was the coin that appeared first). There were coins from either two or three more countries, but I forget them. There was a woman who was a bit ugly. She was someone's mother (in the dream, that is: I don't know if she is also a real person), but not mine. At the end of the dream, we are standing at the edge of a busy road, but it's a country road, and we are standing on grass. Behind me is the mouth to a subway. All in all, it's rather like the road outside where I work, except that concrete and brick has been transformed to grass and hedge. We are talking, somewhat combatively, but without temper (somehow a girl seems to be related to this), then she gives me my keys and wallet, and I turn and walk toward the subway. At that point my alarm goes off, and I try and find my telephone.

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