Some five wee kids were having a snow war and I wanted to join them. However, before I had thrown a single snow ball my two Brothers appeared and tried to hit me with one. They missed but were not going to let me get out of range.

But easier said than done - Father had installed sensors into us and monitored our body temperature. The Brothers had a bit of fever and the microphone they were made to carry informed with Father's voice to quit playing and come inside. The Brothers moarned that I have to come in too since my temperature was 63 degrees Celsius. I told the cunts the sensor was obviously misfunctioning and I'm feeling fine.

Okay, I had a dream where everyone in school spoke Russian and I had subtitles. I had a dream where my mother died and I cried because I couldn't find my credit card. But this one was the weirdest dream ever.

Well, I was a girl.
A trendy, skinny, short blonde girl.
Which is the complete opposite of me, I'm a big tall black-haired guy.
And I stood there, somewhere, in a room together with another girl and a guy, both my age. They talked about something but I didn't really pay attention.
The guy lost some bet to the other girl, so he was supposed to kiss me. I was afraid of that, so I thought if I'd just give him a little kiss all would be satisfied. It tasted sweet, I have no idea why. But no. It had to be a 'serious' kiss. So he grabbed my head and kissed me for like a minute. I wasn't sure whether I'm supposed to leave my eyes shut or open. It was my first kiss. And then I choked. I could not breath anymore, and my ears really hurt.

Then I woke up.

Some random dream fragments...

A SMS message came to my phone (a Nokia 9110), and the memory was filled up and completely screwed. Then, I saw the message was actually a note from the phone that the memory was at risk of being corrupted. The right side of the screen flickeded black... and then the whole thing disappeared. I saw a lot of text-mode messages on screen, telling that it was fixing the "records" (strange because PalmOS refers to data as "records", but to N9110 it's all "files"). A lot of comments later, it rebooted to the GUI (without the title screen), and I checked out the messages. Everything was there. (This is pretty strange because N9110 certainly has pretty bad file system and this sort of detailed, non-sucky check-up would be needed... I guess N9210 with its better OS also has a sane file system!)

Another bit: A new GameCube game from Nintendo. The game characters - cute little anthropomorphic cats - were watching TV. It was actually a German crime/detective series that actually exists, and the soundtrack was from that series - the difference was that the characters on screen were anthropomorphic foxes (in Finland, these series have titles like "Old Fox", "Fox", and, I think, "Young Fox"... =) The game had many language versions on same disc, and when I chose Finnish, the thing I expected happened - the soundtrack had not been dubbed, it was subtitled.

Some other bit: I played a graphical multi-user game. The connection was done using a terminal program in DOS, and it had MCGA graphics. The terminal program sucked, and it took time to get the character registered under my name. I changed the character's attributes, but I was always a dwarf. I talked to the people in the game - the place was a huge castle where I was supposed to get out of. I noted that the thing was pretty heavy because the game was actually a new 3D game... I guessed all the graphics to be transferred were pretty heavy. However, the game didn't interest me that much, but I knew I had to play it again later!

Some other bit: A path in a park. I was feeling bad. Vomiting, lying on the ground, getting some of the vomit on my hair, and jumping on the stream below to wash it away... and a bit worried about how clean the water was.

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