Okay, I had a dream where everyone in school spoke Russian and I had subtitles. I had a dream where my mother died and I cried because I couldn't find my credit card. But this one was the weirdest dream ever.

Well, I was a girl.
A trendy, skinny, short blonde girl.
Which is the complete opposite of me, I'm a big tall black-haired guy.
And I stood there, somewhere, in a room together with another girl and a guy, both my age. They talked about something but I didn't really pay attention.
The guy lost some bet to the other girl, so he was supposed to kiss me. I was afraid of that, so I thought if I'd just give him a little kiss all would be satisfied. It tasted sweet, I have no idea why. But no. It had to be a 'serious' kiss. So he grabbed my head and kissed me for like a minute. I wasn't sure whether I'm supposed to leave my eyes shut or open. It was my first kiss. And then I choked. I could not breath anymore, and my ears really hurt.

Then I woke up.