Some random dream fragments...

A SMS message came to my phone (a Nokia 9110), and the memory was filled up and completely screwed. Then, I saw the message was actually a note from the phone that the memory was at risk of being corrupted. The right side of the screen flickeded black... and then the whole thing disappeared. I saw a lot of text-mode messages on screen, telling that it was fixing the "records" (strange because PalmOS refers to data as "records", but to N9110 it's all "files"). A lot of comments later, it rebooted to the GUI (without the title screen), and I checked out the messages. Everything was there. (This is pretty strange because N9110 certainly has pretty bad file system and this sort of detailed, non-sucky check-up would be needed... I guess N9210 with its better OS also has a sane file system!)

Another bit: A new GameCube game from Nintendo. The game characters - cute little anthropomorphic cats - were watching TV. It was actually a German crime/detective series that actually exists, and the soundtrack was from that series - the difference was that the characters on screen were anthropomorphic foxes (in Finland, these series have titles like "Old Fox", "Fox", and, I think, "Young Fox"... =) The game had many language versions on same disc, and when I chose Finnish, the thing I expected happened - the soundtrack had not been dubbed, it was subtitled.

Some other bit: I played a graphical multi-user game. The connection was done using a terminal program in DOS, and it had MCGA graphics. The terminal program sucked, and it took time to get the character registered under my name. I changed the character's attributes, but I was always a dwarf. I talked to the people in the game - the place was a huge castle where I was supposed to get out of. I noted that the thing was pretty heavy because the game was actually a new 3D game... I guessed all the graphics to be transferred were pretty heavy. However, the game didn't interest me that much, but I knew I had to play it again later!

Some other bit: A path in a park. I was feeling bad. Vomiting, lying on the ground, getting some of the vomit on my hair, and jumping on the stream below to wash it away... and a bit worried about how clean the water was.