I walked into a large building, armed with a gun... Had to walk in beyond the first set of guards... an as soon as I went in I shot the first guy. I was that impulsive, shooting everybody in the process, climbing up stairs, shooting everybody on whatever floor I went up.

I went into the bathroom, and I saw a Hell of a lot of armed guys running for me. I shot one or them. Another guy slipped and fell, and I shot him in the leg. Another guy leaps sideways, and I shot him. The last guy in the bathroom carried a machine gun, and waved it around without even aiming for me. I shot him dead on.

I found a rifle on the bathroom floor, and took some bullets, and I'll take the rifle later. A shiny pistol appeared before me. A Desert Eagle? Sure. A box of bullets next to the big-ass gun, so I took a handful and stuffed it into my jacket pocket.

I took the rifle, and I went into another room. A woman was surprised to see a rifle-toting killing machine that is me, and she was babbling. She's not the kind to put up a fight, so I closed the door. I only want a gunfight from armed thugs, not unarmed dorks.

And I walked in to an office. I saw a fat guy in a suit and cowboy hat, and I shot him. I looked into the office desk, and I saw a calendar. I saw lots of sketches of little fat characters... I think they looked like cats, do they? A big guy in a yellow shirt walked past me, and opened the office door to invite his friends. He was talking to a few friends. A big Russian woman noticed me when nobody else did. She tried to take the gun, but I was strong enough not to let her take it from my hands.

I work at night, and recently during one of my recent shifts I drifted off into a light, fitful sleep that yielded a pair of very vivid and peculiar dreams:

I'm at work, walking back to the NOC from the kitchen, when I hear screaming and commotion from across the office. Alarmed, I look around but I can't really tell what's going on, as the high walls of the cubicle maze obscure my view. I quickly discover the source of the screaming when a group of 6 or 7 tall men wearing all white clothing come around a corner carrying my uncle -- or at least what's left of him -- by the arms. The lower half of his body is missing, sliced cleanly off at the waist at a slight angle. I stare at this group of strangers with a mixed sense of horror and concern and ask the group if I can help them carry my uncle to an ambulance. They decline my help and instead silently communicate to me that I should go fetch the lower half of my uncle, which is back in my work area. I agree to do so, and one of the men follows to assist.

I hurry to back to the NOC and find my uncle's legs leaning up against a desk, connected together by only a thin shred of flesh. The sight of this absolutely terrifies me, and I pause as I try to figure out how to carry the legs without having them tear apart. As I consider how to carry out this task, I become so repulsed and horrified that I jolt myself out of sleep, ending the troubling nightmare.

Minutes after waking myself up from the nightmare, I fell back asleep and into an absurdly bizarre and humorous dream. It begins with a sephia toned cartoon starring a legless dachshund named Jellybean. The cartoon isn't much on plot, as Jellybean simply bounces around while a silly theme song plays: "Jellybean, Jellybean, the legless dog!". The passive cartoon segment of the dream ends. Strange stuff.

In the next segment of the dream, I find myself at work, back in the NOC, where I'm dogsitting Jellybean. The two dimensional, brown dog of the cartoon is now a pudgy, grey haired dachshund who, in keeping with his cartoon counterpart, bounces around my workplace randomly. I try to keep an eye on the dog while I work, but I become distracted and lose Jellybean. When I realize he's missing, I frantically search for him and eventually find that he's fallen behind a desk. As I try to figure out how to retrieve him, the phone rings, abruptly ending the odd dream.

Six of us were sitting around the table on a terrace. We were having either a pint of beer or a cup of tea. The table was made of wooden lathes and we were seated as follows:
On the end of the table some guy who was Magda's boyfriend. On the left from him was sitting Iwona and some other guy. I was sitting on the right from Magda's boyfriend and besides me was Magda and then on the very right some girl.
Others are all Poles except me but the following discussion tooks place in English because it's the common language among us.

Magda's boyfriend goes to me: "Ya know, how Iwona turns on in shower?" Magda gives a quick response: "But they have known each others just for two months, just like us, so don't expect them to know everything." Iwona says to Magda's boyfriend: "But maybe you shouldn't sneak and peep in others' showers."

Me and Iwona turn our faces just a wee bit downwards and we look at each other's eyes smiling in a way that gives us a feeling that we both know ourselves pretty well, especially compared to Magda and her boyfriend even though the time for both couples has been equal and we feel happy about this.
Then there is a minor argument but.

I'm sitting in a train or tram and I have some problem to solve. In order to do it I know I have to get the train off from the track. I (somehow) do it and the train rolls through the field which grows tall weed. The train heads towards the sea but it doesn't sink - instead it takes couple of bounches from the water surface and ends up on an island.
The problem is solved and a train standing on a small island is very impressive scene.

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